Saturday, March 17, 2018

Google Can't Doodle a Saint?

Today is St. Patrick's Day and Google shows a fat guy with red side-burns in Wellingtons picking up stones while a black faced sheep reads an Ogham marker ( pre-Christian Druidic markers from the 4th Century A.D.) .  No indication that God ( All Three of Him) has anything to do with the day, much less the saint himself.

That should please Wiccans, Satanists and atheists, no end.

Googgle Doodles regularly sanitizes nasty pieces of DNA, like Stalin's favorite artist, film maker Sergie Eisenstein, or skin-flint plutocrats who helped build public schools by showing them hugging a diverse armful of children. Generally Google builds a progressive hagiography of second raters who pass the Progressive smell test and create non-existent secular feast days.

St. Patrick's Day now passes as a secular feast day, I guess.  In Ireland, the BBC and its ugly step-child Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTE) call all of the moral and cultural shots these days and OXFAM dictates all public policy.

One of Ireland's best and most independent voices has been silenced by the PC forces of the UK and Ireland.  Kevin Myers wrote a column about pay and gender.  He was castigated as an anti-Semite and a misogynist. Myers retorted, "The issue is are we allowed to differ from the politically correct and consensual norm that dominates the media?"

Nope.  No Google Doodles for Kevin Myers.  He is too pro-Israel and therefore ( in BBC PC) an anti-Semite.

Like the United States, Ireland is now a firmly secular nation with all of societal ills that national mindset entails - disregard for life from womb to tomb, run-away drug abuse, increased suicide rates, senseless violence and a disappearing middle class.   Google wants America to be the Banana Republic that is Illinois.  Ireland seems to care even less about its becoming an oligarchy, where misery is checked only by Red Carpet events of its island Hollywood.

St. Patrick's Day is a religious feast day.  A Celtic Cross was too much for Google and its overlords and secular bishops.

I Google this, for now. 

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Rahm Will Not Testify About Cop Code of Silence, Because G. Flint Taylor Will Not Allow It.

“This problem is sometimes referred to as the thin blue line,  Other times it is referred to as the code of silence. It is the tendency to ignore. It is the tendency deny. It is the tendency in some cases to cover-up the bad actions of a colleague or colleagues.” Rahm Emmanuel before the City Council on Dec. 9, 2015

Daley never testified about his manipulation of the Chicago Police Department.  Rahm Emanuel will not do so either, despite the ruling by a Cook County Judge: 

 A Cook County Judge on Wednesday ordered Emanuel to appear at some point in the next 30 days to offer a sworn deposition in the wrongful death lawsuits brought by the families of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones — who were fatally shot by a Chicago cop. . . .
Emanuel will face questions about the behavior of the city’s attorneys and why officers who arrived on the scene weren’t carrying tasers that could have provided a non-lethal option of force, Foutris said.
Foutris also said he will question Emanuel about a “Code of Silence” that hangs over the case. Foutris specifically questioned why paramedics and the Cook County medical examiner’s office were not immediately made aware the shooting involved a police officer.
And Foutris said he plans to ask Emanuel if the changing accounts provided by paramedics passes the smell test. Accounts given to investigators one month after the shooting differ from information the paramedics offered two weeks ago during sworn depositions.

This is in Cook County Court, but People Law Office and the Illinois Lawsuit Lotto Industry will not allow this to stand. A dependable Illinois appellate judge, maybe Judge Mary L. Mikva, is being shopped for as these keys strike, I have no doubt. Mikva was an elected Cook County Judge and was appointed to the Appellate Court after her Rahm friendly findings in the Koschman case. She was appointed to the First District Appellate Court in July of 2016 and has been more than Rahm-friendly. 

I expect that Judge Mary L. Mikva will block Rahn from being asked any hard questions anywhere and by anyone.

G. Flint Taylor owns the Cop Code of Silence.  Rahm was only using it and it helps people connect the dots.

 Rahm and G. Flint Taylor may even argue Federal Civil Rights and take it federal,where his old pal Judge Robert Gettleman* can slap down any attempt to connect the scattered and zany dots planted all over creation by the Peoples Law Office and the undoing of justice in Cook County and Illinois.

* Judge Gettleman 

The breakdown in payment ordered by Judge Gettleman is as follows: The city is to pay $900,016 to Wilson's lawyers—Flint Taylor, Jeffrey Haas, and John Stainthorp of the People's Law Office. An additional $100,000, earmarked for Wilson, is to be paid directly to the widow and two children of William Fahey, who are identified in court documents as "judgment creditors" of Andrew Wilson. The Fahey family won a wrongful death suit against Wilson years ago, and thereby ensured that they could garnish any money awarded him in his civil rights suit against Commander Burge, his comrades, and the city.
The city's lawyers have agreed to abide by half of the judge's order. They have not appealed the judgment that the city was responsible for the misdeeds of policemen who were aware of brutality and did not stop it or get proper medical attention for Wilson. For their inattention to duty, the city has already issued checks to the Fahey family for $50,448 and to the People's Law Office for $504,749. The city's lawyers deny, however, that taxpayers should pay for the misdeeds of policemen when they apply electric shock to suspects. The corporation counsel is appealing that portion of the Gettleman judgment in the U.S. Court of Appeals.

G.(Gimme) Flint Taylor's GOT the Media! He's GOT every murdering thug between the Mississippi and the Atlantic! He's GOT Gettleman - it seems he's had Gettleman.
Gee - its in the news.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Shunning? I Ain't Got the Time.

  Shun - Middle English shonen, shunnen, from Old English scunian
Shunning -  Targets of shunning can include persons who have been labeled as apostates, whistleblowers, dissidents, strikebreakers, or anyone the group perceives as a threat or source of conflict. Social rejection has been established to cause psychological damage and has been categorized as torture or punishment. Mental rejection is a more individual action, where a person subconsciously or willfully ignores an idea, or a set of information related to a particular viewpoint. Some groups are made up of people who shun the same ideas

Ever hear this?

Gee, I'm open-minded, but I don't want to hear anything you have to say on the matter.  Are you nuts?  How can you believe that in 2018?

Are you shunned?

Have you shunned anyone?

The late, great John McPolin shunned me from McNally's Saloon, not because I was a Cub fan ( I am not), but because he did not want my Dad, his mortal-friend and arch-beer buddy, to start showing up at McNally's instead of his headquarters at TR's.  " Pat, do me a favor and stay on the other side of 111th for beers, this is the only sanctuary I have away from that miserable old SOB. "

I abided.  That was not real shunning.  Every race , gender and sexual preference shuns.  You think the Amish shun?  The Yoders and Millers got nothing on the Murphys.

It seems that everyone is shunning someone else.   I live in a lovely neighborhood, full of loving people, but even here in this urban Arcadia of Morgan Park some people will no longer speak to you if you did not vote for Trump, or you refuse to put a COEXIST bumper sticker* on your SUV.
Image result for COEXIST
Who is welcome in your house?

Who is banished?

Do you fly the flag?

Why don't you fly the flag?

Don't want to - the wind blew off the last six and part of my garage.

I am seeing fewer and fewer political yard signs and bumper stickers, even though the Illinois primary election is only thirteen days from today.

I have a Jeanne Ives sign in my yard, where I have placed Democratic Party signage for more than twenty years.  No big deal.  No one is outraged.   I voted for Jeanne Ives; so what?

I have Jeanne Ives bumper sticker; no has keyed my car.

What I do not understand is all of the verbal and physical shunning going on.

Are you shunned for hoisting the W flag?

Are you a Sox Fan and feel left out of things?

The Hawks suck too.

We are neighbors.  I will cut your grass when you are too sick to do so.  I will snow-blow your walks and drive-way.  I will always wave to you and give you the big howdy.

Do I need to wear pink ribbons, or have blue and black bunting on my trees to know what I am all about?  Hell, no.

I go to Mass.  I go to work.  I speak my mind.  I have a very good time, every waking moment.

I don't have time for shunning.

Oh,  I'll block your ass on Facebook if you act like a jerk, but I'll give you a warm and genuine greeting up at the gas station.

I do not have time to shun anyone.

* Unitarians did not invent this logo - "Piotr Mlodozeniec, a Polish graphic designer, came up with the image in 2001, for a traveling exhibit run by the Museum on the Seam. The museum is a private institution in Jerusalem that describes itself as a “socio-political contemporary art museum.” In its original form, the design only incorporated three symbols—a Muslim crescent for the “C”, a Jewish Star of David for the “X”, and the Christian cross for the “T”.

Gee, why did he leave out cannibals and headhunters?

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The November General Election Will be Jeanne Ives v. Chris Kennedy

Image result for chris kennedy and jeanne ives
March Primary Winners

And the losers!Image result for JB and Bruce Rauner

Mike Houlihan and I were talking about the looming general election and both of us feel it will be a barn burner, thanks to this March Primary shenanigans ( JB's Black Blago Blather & Bruce's Bosco Bunkum larded with his Ives/Madigan Metamorphosis) indicating a less than vigorous turn-out for JB and a dandy Rauner kick-to-the-curb.

The two people with the millions invested in their own personal interests will be disappointed. Rauner and Pritzker will have wasted more dollars than a rouge Gamblers Anonymous junket to Vegas. 

Jeanne Ives has a mere 3.5 millions dollars in her war chest and Chris Kennedy bests her pile by a mere $2m.

Daniel Biss is the guy that New York wants, but he is still Danny Biss. Chris Kennedy and Jeanne Ives are mirror campaigns; Ives is the right choice and Chris Kennedy is the one the other side will settle upon, by March 20, 2018.

  • Black voters won't and JB will need to content himself with marijuana futures.
  • Unions will stay for JB, but the rank and file will vote for Chris Kennedy
  • Ives will get many Democrat votes, retired, or non-union voters who could careless about drawing a GOP ballot this go-around
  • Illinois is more than ready for a huge change and Chris Kennedy's primary victory will be the starting gun for the challenge to Rahm Emanuel
  • The beating of JB Pritzker by Primary voters is the thumbs-way-down on Mayor Coon-eyes -definately and the oafish Dick Durbin - early JB cheerleader.

Houlihan and I agree, " The plutocrats have jumped the shark."   Pro Publica's Mick Dumke offers this graphic:

tracking the Illinois Governor's Race

Image of Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner (R, incumbent)

Image of Jeanne Ives

Jeanne Ives (R)

Image of JB Pritzker

JB Pritzker (D)

Image of Daniel Biss

Daniel Biss (D)

Image of Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy (D)