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Chicago May Days Considered the Day After the 2017 May Day

The Resistance - 1904: Chicago Strikers wait for scabs being brought in by the Progressive Chicago Civic Leadership.  These five are concerned for the lives of their families, because scabs are being flooded into Chicago by Armor, Swift, Cudahy and other members of the Packingtown syndicate.

The Resistance - 2017: Chicago activists are concerned, really, really, really concerned that Trumpism is hurting their feelings - Big time.

I taught on May Day this year.  I am proud of American labor. American labor created the American standard of living that flourished in the nation from the end of WWII until rise of Progressive ( Marxist) dominance of the Democratic Party.  The GOP has never made sense of working people and still tends to despise working men and women, as much as Elizabeth Warren and the New York Times.

The GOP continues to blow off its own toes and GOP Mavericks play to the very news media that detests them and the American Middle Class.  Planned Parenthood survived on Republican largess, until lace-curtain Catholics no longer wanted to be perceived as Archie Bunker.  Who happened to be a Protestant, by the way.

College educated sons and daughters who went to De Paul and Loyola  no longer wanted to be traditional Catholics tied to the old country.  They became Tom Hynes and Neil Hartigan Democrats, who later evolved into Dick Durbin milksops. " Yeah, I am personally against abortion, but I will take money from Planned Parenthood and fight to keep the slaughter of babies a Woman's Health Initiative!"

If you are OK with killing a child in womb, you are OK with any other mischief, it seems to me.

Blue collar Catholics found that they had much more in common with black, white and Latino tradesmen, than their starched collar Brooks Brothers bedecked Progressive-owned union leadership and voted for Reagan and then Trump.

Catholics are as thoroughly Balkanized as the rest of the country.  Country Music plays left and right, as much as buying chicken or coffee,  How did this happen?  Slowly and patiently.  Reds were run out of labor in the 1940's with the exception of textile trades.  The textile trades opened banks - Amalgamated banks out of New York. These banks funded activism in the arts and the sciences, as well as direct action causes.

Marxist activism is now what passes for American values these days.  The Orwellian hate speech crafted by 501(c) 3 foundations and universities has created a Balkan America divided by the very grassroots special interest, identity and agenda shouters being coalesced by foundation cockroaches like Gara LaMarche,Image result for gara lamarche

It begins with Philanthropic Foundations controlled by Marxists.  Money is the grease of politics and the engine for 'social change' - the elimination of the American Middle Class.

Labor needs money too.  And labor is coalesced along with immigrants, people unclear of their personal identities, foreign terrorists, lovers of abortion, the Beaux Arts, Hollywood, Broadway, the Media, Wall Street and the Ivy Towers - people who hate the idea of being accused of being bourgeoisie middle class - hillbilly chic American.

Yesterday, every carbon foot-print was set to hit the pavement, but here in Chicago it was forty degrees with winds gusting up to 40 MPH and rain.

The crowds were way down from the expected Pussy Hat numbers of January's Resistance.  we know this because neither Chicago daily paper crowed about the throngs and the media uses helicopters.

 Not so throng.

Image result for may day rally in chicago 2017

May Day is a Communist Holiday called International Day in Europe.  May Day says little about American labor anymore.

It says plenty about the dark forces of fascism behind Blue Statism.

Real labor showed up in throngs despite cops billy clubs used to protect scabs -

Real Labor resisted, because there were consequences in life -

People died creating the American Middle Class.

May Day rally
People want no consequences for murdering the Middle Class

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