Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things are Pretty Darn Good. Overcoming Trumpanoia and Worrying About What I Think

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The establishment pushed the wars and free trade and their partners in the corporate-government matrix agreed to the sending off of capital (and jobs) to foreign lands.
For all the talk of partisanship, Democrats and Republicans were the two horns on the head of the goat.
And Trump voters? They were forgotten, left behind, mocked as deplorable. John Kass

This Memorial Day weekend, America paid tribute to the men and women who gave all in defense of our Nation.

I thought of my Dad and his brothers who fought in the Pacific, North Africa, Italy and later Korea , my older neighbors pre-Draft Lottery,  from the high school classes of 1962-1968, who went to Vietnam.  Fewer of us from 1969-1973, served thanks to the Lottery and Vietnamization.  I remembered the many, many kids that I taught at Bishop McNamara, La Lumiere and Leo High School who served in Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Bosnia, Iraq,  Afghanistan - kids like Adam Voight (La Lumiere 1988) who gave up scholarships to enlist as privates and eventually fly Apache helicopters in Desert Storm, and Pat Donley, Bishop McNamara 1979, who served as Marine aboard the USS Iowa, when his brothers were murdered by terrorists in Beriut.

I have it very good.
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Kathy Griffin, the alleged comic for CNN, is so upset with the Trump American atmosphere that she needed to ritualistically imitate ISIS and lop off President Trump's head.  How tough is that?  The poor thing must really have a time of it opening that tricky foil cover over the Velveeta cheese logs.  Image result for velveetaIt's a struggle.

Some people are upset that I do not want President Trump any more humiliated than he manages on his own.  In fact, I am more than surprised and happy with Trump's Presidency.  He has all of the worst people leading the Resistance against him.  Sadly, too many very good people have joined them.

Some say "my blog sucks and I suck,"  because I write honestly - I do not, nor have I ever held Barack Obama in anything like regard and I am not bothered a jot by the election of Donald Trump.
My blog and I might suck for reasons other than that, but not because the point of view challenges the meme du jour.

That said, love me, or leave me, lamb.  I write because I love people - all people, until they prove themselves to be bullies, grifters, sneaks, hypocrites and moral cowards. Them I might love in the big Christian thematic way, but I 'd rather not have their company, much less their good opinion of me.

I could give a . . . (you fill it in).   I have it good and that ain't bad, to quote the late Louis Prima.

As it is, I own a home, shop at Marianno's, own a car, a library card, my cable works fine, my kids are all educated, moral and employed, the grass is cut, the garbage was picked up yesterday, I teach, I write, I read, John Kass remains a powerful voice in a city of dotards, no one can force me to watch Big Bang Theory, let alone watch it, the only thing Russian that keeps me awake at night is Borscht (hate beets), I have not witnessed any mass executions of Pussy Hat owners, nor is the Planned Parenthood block-house at 51st & Ashland ablaze, my girlfriend still gives me direction on dress, manners and general deportment outside of my bubble here in the 19th Ward, my granddaughter is healthy,chubby and beautiful, gas at Thornton's in Blue Island is $2.46 per gallon, and Cracovia Pitted Sour Cherries mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt is like heroin.

If Trump has you that down, see a medical professional.  Cheer up!  Only suckers beef!  Mix some cherries and yogurt.

If that is not enough for you, House of Cards, season five will take on Trump.  Wash it down with a swell IPA and a good gulp or two of bile. That seems to be the only things that make some folks happy. 

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