Friday, May 26, 2017

Democrats Continue to Get Body Slammed Like Prissy Provocateur and Fox News is Going Down Like a White House Intern of Yore


But outside a handful of small legislative races over the past four months, there hasn’t been a true test of the new, Trump-driven political dynamic at the ballot box. Tuesday, however, begins a series of special elections that will examine whether increased Democratic enthusiasm can deal Trump stinging defeats and reshape the narrative a year-and-a-half before the midterms. Politico

And you just broke my glasses. You just body slammed me and broke my glasses.” Ben Jacobs, The Guardian

The world of the losers is bright with hope, potential, gritty determination and optimistic by gollyness.

Losers have potential.  Winners do something about losing.

Since November 9th, people who read only the New York Times, Washington Post, The Nation, Salon, Vanity Fair, Politico, The Atlantic, watch only CNN, NBC, Public Television, MSNBC,CBS and Disney, listen only to NPR, drink only craft beverages, eat organic, think globally and live in gated community have done everything but calm down, in order to unseat the Orange Monster in the White House.

Fox News, to be perfectly fair and balanced, is no CNN and its ratings have proved that in the post-Megyn Kelly era of Shepard Smith.

... Lányi, hungarian painter - Self portrait with Jacobins Cap, 1840
People who like to see every kid get a participation trophy and omnipresent bullies expelled to Ultima Thule, or at least another school district have eschewed the Phyrgian bonnet rouge of Resistence fighters past, for the pink Pussy Hat in solidarity with the vagina and the nameless oppressed everywhere.  

Women continue to be the superior gender and life matters, to most people.

In all of this Wagnerian sturm and drang  there remains the fact that most Americans ( Elector college-wise) continue to be pretty much satisfied with our hyper -texting, bumptious and Pontifically fat-shamed President and his efforts to undo the idiotically Transformed America of President 44.

In proof, voters have rejected the key puffed-up persons slotted to defeat Trump through Congressional victories, but point to the small ball races in Delaware and Iowa as signal events of our Republic's proud history.  Stephanie Hansen is a Delaware State Senator, because the DNC pumped people and plutocrats into the the local cat-fight.  Huzzah!

However, in key Congressional races in Montana, Georgia and Kansas the cowboy, the kid and ambulance chaser were thumped, dumped and Trumped,

Likewise, the First Reformed Unitarian Fox News channel has tanked.  Post-Reformation heretics like Brett Baier, Catherine Herridge, Britt Hume, Jennifer Griffin, James Rosen,  and Tucker Carlson continue to do credit to their professions. Hannity is the last man standing of the Lonesome Rhodes variety that pumped up sales of gold, silver and used cars for decades.

The Murdoch Boys have come a gutser, by presiding over a news with no pitch and timber indecipherable from CNN and MSNBC and as dry as a Dingo's donger.  Shep Smith all day and all night?  Not worth a Zack, Mates.

Voters continue to reject elitist globalism and viewers ignore the anemic Fox News because it's dryer than a Nun's nasty.  London to a brick, Cobbers!

The message - keep doing what you are doing: have contempt for people, sell style over substance, push idiotic scams couched as social justice and civil rights, exchange the truth for "your truths," and act like spoiled children, but expect real resistance.

They will, "Democrats can also draw some encouragement from the fact that this race was close even before the Republican candidate was charged with misdemeanor assault. Democratic candidates have overperformed their expected vote shares in every House special election of the Trump presidency, all of which have been held in strongly Republican districts. Donald Trump won Montana by 20 points over Hillary Clinton, so Gianforte's seven-point victory over Quist should put the wind up any GOP congressman from a less reliably Republican district."


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