Sunday, February 22, 2009

Second City Cop Explains Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Murder of Three More Kids

What Boiled Beets Loving Progressives answer by rote: Question -Global Warming? - 'Oh Yeah-ass! Capitalism and herds of cattle for carnivores who order racist cops to shoot monkeys and draw cartoons of them, have been the only real cause for Global Warming! Look outside! Oh, never mind. Anomaly. It's Sunday - you know 'Go the Fitness Center Day! Keep Holy My Self-Worship and all! Buh, Bye!'

Wait, a second there Seth got another Head-Scratcher for you -

Thug Comfort Zone* ? 'Well that is easy enough; You know, if you watch Channel 11 and listen to NPR - we have been mobilizing and marching and we are convinced that Police brutality and systemic racism is the only real cause for black on black homicide jumps and the Grassroot solution can only be to make sure all of you fat, worker bees. . . and your fat wives . . .and your three to six kids in Catholic schools, give many more millions of tax dollars to our approved cadre of scam artists, gang-friendly activists and lawyers. Gotta go! Pilates.'

Now there goes a Champ! I'll bet that he is genuinely 'excited' about watching the Oscars. No doubt.

Ask a police officer and you might get the level headed and genuine 'Speak Truth to Stupidity in Power' answer that Second City Cop gives for the death of three CPS students on Friday.

In any case, the shooting in 004 took place at a most opportune time (opportune for the shooters that is):

Paramedics were called to an alley near East 87th Street and South Escanaba Avenue about 3:15 p.m. for reports of a shooting...
School dismissal coinciding with shift change. You think these jagoffs don't know our schedules as well as we do? This wasn't just any random shooting. According to witnesses, it was building up with idiots throwing up signs for a bit before escalating. And once it all stepped off, the three "victims" were hunted down with ruthless efficiency in alleys and gangways. (Emphasis my own)

All the family denials aside about junior just "turning his life around" after getting out of jail two days prior, this was gang banging, pure and simple. And as it's already March, there are no classes in the Academy, retirements are proceeding ahead of estimates and will increase markedly if a contract is approved, don't look for any reinforcements anytime soon.

The idiots will keep sucking on the Boiled Beet Borscht. Citizens will quit buying news papers that play ball with the idiots. Thanks Second City Cop and thank you all Law Enforcement heroes.

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