Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sun Times With Don Hayner - The Great Divide Will Continue!

The Sun Times will continue to pour out Police Tales of Horror/Real and Imagined/help Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers Sue the City and County/Insult Citizens Not on the Acceptable Advocacy Alliance List - i.e. Mount Greenwood/Morgan Park/Beverly and other white ethnic Catholic neighborhoods will be presented only in the light of implied racial hatred and crypto-Nazi inclinations.

That is too bad.

This morning's front page offering was of a Policeman tossing a louse who had not paid the fair and had been targeted for removal by the CTA driver. The bus on West Division did not move, but a citizen filmed the removal. The Cop uses strong language. Heavens! You mean like on Bill Maher? I have seen Trappist monks get more pissed off than this Officer.

I hope that the little 'Can I Have Your Badge Number?' Twerp who decided to be some body with his Indie Film meets Calvin Urine Britches as a bus mate every day for the rest of his snotty life and Calvin's Posse - including the more violent and larcenous. But that's just me. I have a Nuanced sense of humor.

As for the Police Officer and his subsequent sit-down with the Blue Noses on The Review Board - 'Nothing to see here folks!' Most Chicagoans would love to see this man's commanding presence on more buses and L's.

Well, they would not say so in print.

This is another example of the Chicago Sun Times agenda to undermine any and all confidence in law enforcement.

Do Chicago Citizens want Transportation in Chicago? Do human petre dishes like the gent in the video have carte blanche over Citizens?

Law Enforcement requires strong language and strong action over recalictrant crumbs.

With the appointment of Editor Don Hayner who made his bones with series of articles, upon which mega-race -baiter Mary Mitchell rode Hayner's back by the way, that perpetuate the geometry of race hate. Angles and borders of neighborhoods define what is in peoples' hearts. If you live in a black neighborhood, you are a victim of systemic racism. If you live in a white lower middle class Catholic neighborhood you are a foot soldier in systemic racism and are a racists.

Nuanced. Save your quarters folks. I was all set to buy the Sun Times again.

The Sun Times just put another bullet in the chamber as it plays Russian Roulette and plays out the clock.

In the mean time, heat up the hate!

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