Thursday, February 12, 2009

Progress Illinois ( SEIU) Attempts to Explain Absence During Uof C Med Center Lay -Off!

Click my post title as there is yet any coverage of the protests at University of Chicago Medical Center's lay off of 450 works ( Teamsters Local 743 and according to a UCMC official many SEIU rank and file members).

Crowing over the Republic Windows flatulence in a Tsunami, like former Governor Blagojevich and the Uriah Heep of Politics Mike Quigley, Progress Illinois attempts to take a sissy slap at John Fritchey - and misses high wide and handsome!

The Republic Windows sit-in began on Friday, December 5. Elected officials were making appearances at the factory by Sunday, December 7 to show their support. And on Monday, December 8, numerous alderman, along with Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley, introduced ordinances to hold Bank of America (Republic Windows' creditor) accountable for cutting off financing to the company before the workers could be paid the wages they were owed. But it wasn't until Tuesday, December 9 that Gov. Blagojevich was arrested, setting the ultimate impeachment proceedings into motion. By the end of the following day, an agreement had been reached resolving the Republic Windows dispute.

So that excuse seems a bit off.

Jeepers try not and be a bit off.

Okay, Young Commissars, how about picking up a picket sign and hitting the line for a few hours in your Birkenstocks? Before, you get all Joe Hill on a an elected official work on them leg muscles.

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