Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vultures Meet Mrs. Nancy Kelly of Cook County Sheriff's Police

An Old Irish Song talks about a heroic woman - Gráinne Mhaol ( Grace O'Malley.

A bhuí le Rí na bhFeart go bhfeiceam,
mura mbeam beo ina dhiaidh ach seachtain,

May it please the God of Miracles that we may see,
Although we only live a week after it,

Nancy Kelly routed three urban commandos, who attempted to rob her of her purse. The Vultures, are 'crimes of opportunity' specialists who commit crimes of violence and property crimes due to PC nonsense and because they feel entitled to do so. These Vultures flourish in the political climate that I like to call the Thug Comfort Zone.

These goofs picked the wrong woman.

They took a quick look at her, a grandmother of three, and probably thought, "easy target."

What the suspected thieves didn't know was that their target was a tough, ready-to-rumble Cook County sheriff's police sergeant.

So when Nancy Kelly, 61, suspected that Karen Cannon swiped her wallet at an Oak Lawn Panera Bread restaurant Friday evening, Kelly confronted the woman nearly half her age with her fists and some hair-pulling.

"I grabbed her by the collar from the back and spun her around," said Kelly, who works at court services at the Criminal Courts Building in Chicago. "I told her, 'You picked the wrong person today. I'm a sheriff's officer. Give me my wallet now.' "

Heart warming and good for the heart as well!

Oak Lawn police arrived at the scene after Kelly directed her friend, schoolteacher Carolyn Nissen, to call 911. Cannon and Anthony had fled with a third woman, Joyce McClellan, 35, in a Mercury Sable, shortly before police arrived, according to Michael Kaufmann, Oak Lawn's chief of detectives. But Nissen and another woman saw the car's license plate, and it was soon caught, Kelly said.

Dumas, held down by onlookers, was apprehended on the scene, Kaufmann said. The four suspects, all from Chicago, were charged with robbery.

Kaufmann said it appeared that the four were involved in more robberies - pointing to an ID for an 86-year-old woman who was pick-pocketed outside the Panera last Thursday and five purses that officers found in Cannon's purse and the getaway vehicle.

"They were vultures, and they were waiting for their victims. They picked the wrong victim (Friday)," Kaufmann said.

Kelly and Nissen did get to eat their sandwiches. But Kelly's adrenaline still flowed.

"I think my blood pressure was up a little. I went home and cleaned my condo in 10 minutes," she said.

Thank you , Nancy Kelly!

May it please the God of Miracles that we may see ( a deed of courage like yours), Although we only live a week after it

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