Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mark Brown and Red Fred Down on Vallas - That is Good!

Fred Klonsky, brother of President Obama adviser and proud radical Red Mike hates Paul Vallas. Fred and Mike Klonsky* are the sons of Robert Klonsky a Communist veteran of the Spanish Civil War.

Fred Klonsky is not a Vallas Partisan.

Quoth the Park Ridge Trotsky, 'After screwing the CPS, even pissing off his patron The Mayor, he fled to Philadelphia. By all accounts, he made that struggling urban system even worse. Run out of Philly, he ended up in charge of the privatization of New Orleans public schools.

Now Typhoid Paul, switching to being a Republican, wants to do to Cook County government was he’s done to Chicago, Philly and NOLA schools.

Only Vallas could make a local hope for the victory of the corrupt present head of the Board, Todd Stroger.'

Fred, I like your spleen! Sounds like me on Quigley. Howsomeever, Vallas is a good guy and Quigley the polar opposite being just that. Now, Fred, really,'By all accounts, he made that struggling urban system even worse. Run out of Philly, he ended up in charge of the privatization of New Orleans public schools.'

Most accounts say Paul Vallas did very well - in Philly and in Louisiana.

Ain't that something! Quigley hates Vallas; therefore, Brown hates Vallas. Klonsky hates Vallas; Reds and the Boiled Beets Progressives ( Hyde Park Deep Thinkers,SEIU and their cadres) who lap up Red doctrine will hate Paul Vallas - doctrinally speaking of course. And Stroger and Daley and . . .Hate on one side and Love o t'other! I love Paul Vallas! Man crush. Admire. Like a hole bunch. Trust. Gets my vote.

Mark Brown tries to muddy the waters with race-baiting innuendo in his column this AM and tries to get Paul's goat, but Vallas turned Mark Brown into Feta.

Well the true colors are out - Brown against Vallas and the Red Klonsky's want no Paul.


Our lasting visual memory of Dorothy has her standing in a midst of a room full of young activists in 1966. Cigarette in hand and using that throaty voice to rally us against the latest act of injustice or brutality against the community by the guardians of the capitalist system. She was scolding, encouraging and praising. She was one of those veterans of the struggle that was able and willing to cross the generational divide.

For us red-diaper babies and SDS activists coming of age in the radical movement in L.A. in the 60s, Dorothy was at once a revolutionary role model, a leader, teacher, critical friend and a member of the family.

Dorothy taught us that being a revolutionary was a life-long proposition, a genuine commitment to siding with the underdog, fighting racism, war and every form of social injustice and inequity. She taught us to stand firm on matters of principle, while being good at uniting with those in the movement with whom we disagreed. We probably didn't learn that last one well enough. Sorry Dorothy.

We often disagreed but loved the give and take. We always knew that when push came to shove, she would be there in the front lines of the battle. That give and take with mutual love and respect went on until she died. News of her passing saddens us, along with a whole generation of L.A., activists that Dorothy trained, led and nurtured.
She will always be a part of us.
In struggle,

Mike, Fred & Susan Klonsky
September 22, 2006


Anonymous said...

Mark Brown is an idiot. He is one of the worst columns.

pathickey said...

Mark Brown is far from being an idiot; however, he plays his ball on his wall.