Friday, June 08, 2007

John McCain Will Be The Last Man Standing - So Will Hillary.

Due to the stalled Immigration Legislation in the Senate: Harry Reid back-burnered it 15 votes shy of whatis needed, John McCain will be carved up by extreme right wing conservatives who want to stall for time for one of the other debutants to shore up a position. Hillary Clinton gets to stay above the Immigration Debate and Obama will be spinning his 'Quiet Riot' remarks into his exit in a few weeks.

In the mean time, McCain will be fighting a holding action against the tin-foil- hat crowd Progressives who have 'mobilized' the rhetoric clouding the importance of immigration reform.
The next few weeks will see John McCain maintaining the common sense line in this fight. The weak sisters in his Campaign are jumping ship for a cushier berth on other campaigns.
That is good. Stay tuned boys and girls - the Man who stood up to the Hanoi Hilton is well-prepped to withstand the pince-nez patriots who wrote for the Dartmouth Daily Denouncer and then got patriotic in Reagan's Administration. They bleed blue-blood - rhetorical hemoglobin mind you.
John McCain is a Leader.

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