Monday, June 11, 2007

Support the Guam Loyalty Act - About Time!

Americans on Guam put their lives together following two and half - years of Japanese Occupation and a horrific battle for the Liberation from July 21 -August 10, 1944 - the last Japanese occupier surrended in 1972. It has taken Americans much longer to recognize the Loyalty and Patriotism of the People of Guam.

Back in May, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the HR 1595 - The Guam Loyalty Recognition Act. Prior to that vote which takes the Bill to the U.S. Senate, The Heritage Foundation harrumphed that this Act was a merely a reparations scam. Here is my reply to Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation which appeared in the Washington Times:

More to the point:
This long over due legislation would be welcomed as a great honor to the men you as a great honor to the men listed on the Asan war Memorial above the 1944 landing beaches - the Americans who died and were wounded Liberating Guam. Believe it - their sacrifices are the very fabric of Guam's culture.

Guam was caught in the switches between MacArthur's Consular ambitions over Post-War Japan and the realities of the Cold War.

The People of Guam are the most loyal and pro-miltary Americans; always faithful and always willing to sacrifice their lives for our country - without hesitation. That is our problem - we mainland Americans -that the hesiation has been to recognize Guam's loyalty.

Whoever decided to policy these folks into reparations lotto ticket scammers should do much more study of Guam's history and commitment. The reparations broadbrush was unworthy of what is best about America - our abilty to recognize and give tribute to patriotism. Guam is long over due such a small nod from all Americans.

To date this tiny island of America is in double figures for KIA in the War on Terror and in Vietnam lead the nation in per capita loss of life (74 KIA on the Wall). Guam stands in the sights of North Korean nuclear missles and is pro-active in helping fight terroism out of the P.I.s. At this moment the Americans of Guam are making room for 8,000 more Marines evicted from Okinawa as well as the island's expansion as America's most forward and strategic base in the Pacific Rim.

These Americans are owed more than bumper sticker rhetoric and history. We are better than this.
Here is a link to the Bill before the U.S. Senate:

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