Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jon Loevy and Jamie Kalven Want Answers! They Want Lawsuits on Cops! They Want to be Taken Seriously! Hey the Media Listens - Why Don't Taxpayers?

'What's in the Bag? You Know What's in the Bag. We ALL know what's in the bag!'

John Loevy and Jamie Kalven want the Names of Police with 10 or more Citizen Beefs on them~! They Want Names, People! With these names made public, Jon and his pals can craft more and better tax-payer funded lawsuits and stupid and gutless politicians can stand with them for the pay-off! God! 662 - or as Derrick Blakely would say -'closer to 700.'

Wait a minute - Hickey - these people are trying to fight abuse! Yeah. Like those selfless ambulance chasers in L.A. who walked away with 40% of 600 -'closer to 700' Million Dollars. Punish bad guys - but do not allow weasels to watch the egg basket. The media gets dewy-eyed and misty around stand-up guys like Loevy and Kalven - who make out handsomely in their cottage industry on lawsuits and 'redistribution of wealth - over the tax-payers' strategies. Beats working for a living, I guess. Sue your way to wealth! Oh , well. I'm just mean.

Here's some TV and print links to just indicate how seriously the orchestrated outrage of the media, criminals, ambulance chasers, race baiters, shakedown artists, university think tankers, hack politicians that can not get elected, phonies and fans of face value, prima facie evidence is meant to be taken. ( Howls of Giggles from this taxpayer-citizen, mind you). These Hustle Howlers are so pipelined to the Chicago Media, it almost seems like a criminal enterprize - RICO? n'cest pas? Chilling. Just a taxpayer musing! Here goes our trusty newsmakers! Always good for serious race polarization: They would have done great work in the Balkans.,1,3328562.story?coll=chi-news-hed The good Old Medill Swill you can get a great judgmental spin on how bad police are from two Mensa members on CLTV. Listen to their remarks. Rather antiseptic - Chuck Goudie; nice work on Officer Mette's kangaro court in Dubuque. The Loevy-smiths would love that judge out there.

And I got nothing from Channel 5.

BTW - That's Andy Dick up there - an actor, wit and gad-about with same level of conviction and dedication to self-respect as John '40%' Loevy. Wait for the movie - it'll be killer - killer I tells ya!

The real heavy lifting for Jon and the 21st Century Gold-Dusters is being done by The Friend of Working Man- the NEW Chicago Sun Times!

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