Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Only Way to Stop Giving Pritzker the Governor is The Skinny Blonde

Six Dems and only one allowable pick: not the Kennedy, not the Doc, not the Ganger-banger Alumnus, not the Progressive Boy Toy and not Pension Heavy Dude from Marine, IL.

Nope, the only Democrat that 'sane, pot-smart, never-Trumping, Rahm-friendly and comfortable P-Hat voters' may cast a ballot for is Michigan Avenue Fats - J.B. Pritzker the Trump-thumping billionaire who is more of a Regular Joe and than Old Bruce, in the same way that Charlie Foster Kane was no Boss Gettys.

Mark Brown pooh-poohed the five ( as too many to debate Carol Marin) , only weeks after he took a huge, hairy dump on Chris Kennedy's chances  with his ambush piece; now, along with the always dependable Eric Zorn, charge Chris Kennedy with being a Rauner cheerleader.  The oligarchs have bull-dozed  an extra wide path to the Governor's door for J.B. Pritzker.   They'll adjust the that door in due time.

Nope, if a voter wants Rauner gone and knows that Pritzker will only double -down on Illinois miseries, the only choice, short of a cast-away protest vote,  is to take a ballot for Jeanne Ives and make damn sure it registers.

Image result for Jeanne Ives
Yep, the skinny blonde girl for Governor.   Unless, of course, you are quite happy with way things are now.  And what is that gump staring at?

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