Saturday, January 06, 2018

Chris Kennedy - Eaten by His Own for Telling the Truth

Chris Kennedy said that Rahm is pushing blacks out of Chicago.

Rahm is - blacks who have no place in the small-city globalist, secular, two wheeler Chicago begun by Richie Daley and followed through with vigor by Rahm.

Chris Kennedy walked into the lion's den wearing a pork-chop suit - he was told by some plant in his campaign that he could get the black vote with this dodge.

It is no dodge, but limiting the exodus to blacks gave Chris Kennedy an ambush piece by Mark Brown that set him up for an old fashioned Soviet denunciation by the Tribune the Sun Times, public radio televison and the state-sponsored voices at WBBM AM and SEIU.

Chris Kennedy is Progressive road-kill.  Chris Kennedy,whose father died in the service of his country in 1968 and is forever linked to memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, is now a deplorable Trump surrogate.

In a written statement, the mayor’s office brushed off Kennedy’s attack as a political jab.
“It’s sad to see Chris Kennedy joining President Trump and Governor Rauner in using cynical politically motivated attacks about Chicago’s communities for his own personal gain,” said a mayoral spokesman.
And people thought Leon Trotsky took a tough one to the noggin.

That is how they do - Progressive ( neo-Marxist Deconstructionists) Democrats.  Progressives are not liberal Democrats.  They are old school, Joe Stalin meat grinding oligarchs.

Chris Kennedy is learning that.

As a candidate for Governor, I thought that Chris Kennedy's lack of outreach to farmers, coal-miners, tradesmen and former industrial professionals consigned to service industry jobs and lifestyles, might be his major roadblock.

Nope , JB "Michigan Avenue Fats" Pritzker is the money wagon for the Progressive Democrat machine and JB would throw Chris Kennedy's money away -" How'd the puny Frankins get mixed up with my Madisons, Chases and Wilsons ?"

Not only has ProgDem Illinois circled the wagons around Rahm the Global City Raccoon, but Chris Kennedy is now being attacked as a deplorable Trumper and race baiter, by the Lady Fingers of Race Card Mechanics herself - Mary Mitchell:

But Kennedy’s attack is more than sad.
Besides disparaging the mayor’s efforts to address the disparities that still exist, Kennedy’s allegations suggest the stellar line-up of African-American leaders in Emanuel’s administration — not to mention black aldermen — are useless.
It’s preposterous to think people like Andrea Zopp (CEO of World Business Chicago and former deputy mayor and head of the Chicago Urban League), Eddie Johnson (Chicago Police superintendent), Janice Jackson (interim CEO of Chicago Public Schools) and Frank Clark (Chicago Board of Education president and retired chairman and CEO of ComEd) would be part of the sinister plan Kennedy described.
Clearly, gun violence in predominantly black neighborhoods has driven thousands of black families to flee the city.
Preposterous that black oligarchs could shive a git about the families in Gresham, Englewood, Brainerd, Grand Crossing and Roseland????????????

Oh, hell yes!

The stellar line-up in Emanuel's administration have aided and abetted the Nine Digit Midget and Forrest Claypool and the CPS Gourmet Lunch Bunch and shooters as well as slum dog billionaires like Valerie Jarret, Allison Davis and Judson Miner.

Chris Kennedy told the truth - blacks are being run out of Chicago as well as Polish Italian, Mexican, Lithuanian, Croatian, Serbian Irish and the odd Dutchman.

Everyone who is not getting a slurp at the big trough

Daley began the conspiracy, Rahm continues it and the media orchestrates the exodus.

Chris Kennedy had the courage to profile the oligarchs.  This small, smart-sized Chicago is no revelation.  It is happening and will continue.

Chris Kennedy is a good man.  Good men have no business rubbing shoulders with Progressives.

Now, he is toast.

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