Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I am Voting One Incumbant This March 20th - Congressman Dan Lipinski

(Marie) Newman has also received a groundswell of support and endorsements from national progressive groups, including NARAL Pro-Choice America,, Democracy for America, Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Human Rights Campaign for LGBTQ equality. Progressives see this as their first real chance to unseat the entrenched congressman. Newman says Lipinski is "running scared." The Patch 

If those groups are for Mrs. Newman, how could I vote for her?  If one is happy about abortion, abortion funding,  George Soros- backed stooge-groups and every light-weight news source in America, one is happy with our move to oligarchy.

The Congressional oligarchs have endorsed Mrs. Newman over their Democratic Party colleague. 

Rep. Dan Lipinski has been the voice of the 3rd Congressional District from the moment he took office and has eclipsed the work of father in so doing.

Mrs. Newman is said to be polling 5 points ahead of Congressman Lipinksi in the same manner that HRC was sure to beat the pants off of The Donald.   Polling must be an easy science - for pollsters like the Paul Simon Institute and Normington Petts, which polls Newman over Lipinski by 5%!

Here was Normington Petts on the 2016 Presidential Race:

2016 Illinois President: Trump vs. Clinton

Asked of 800 Likely Voters
Hillary Clinton51%
Donald Trump32%

Solid Jackson!

Well the Bobak, the Jack & Pat's and the Karolinka Club polling is not going to appear in the Huffington Post; neither will Mrs. Newman appear in Congress. 

Dan Lipinski can count on ONE vote on March 20th. 

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