Friday, January 26, 2018

Madman Trump Nearly, Well Almost Nearly, Doesn't Do Something!

I was shocked, outraged, incesned, vexed and very nearly driven to rile this morning when both Chicago dailys blasted these headlines:

Trump moved to fire Mueller in June, bringing White House counsel to brink of resignation!  Chicago Tribune

Trump ordered Mueller Fired, But White House Counsel Threatened to Quit!  Chicago Sun Times
Image result for robert mueller with john kerry

You see Robert Mueller is the John Kerry impersonator and Special Russian Collusion Prosecutor and who is going to give President Trump a long over due and well earned chide and come-uppance.

The smartest people like David Brooks and his minion E.J. Dionne predict a that President 45 might endure the humilitation of being taken down a peg.

Most expect a culpatory dressing down.

Other leading news spewers posted these

  • Trump ordered Mueller fired last year before backing off, news report says

  • Report: Trump wanted Mueller fired, backed off - WHIO Tv

  • NYT: Trump called for Mueller's firing in June 2017 - WTHI
My God, Trump Thumpers were right!  He is out of his mind!!  Milky in the filbert!  Whack-a-doodle!

I'll bet that he did not unleash nuclear hell on Trinidad.

What's next will he not watch the Superbowl?

Will the Orange One refuse to watch Jim Acosta?

What would happen if The View hired people?
Image result for Icelandic women and $5,000
What if Iceland is not  willing to pay me $ 5,000 to choose one their surplus womens-es?

Oh, What a world!   Imagine if Trump had done something!  This is positively opprobious!!!!!!!!!

I just might not have pancakes at Biyali's Too ever again!
Image result for Bialy's cafe pancakes

As if!

Image result for Bialy's cafe pancakes


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