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Lower Police Standards - The Three Pander-Bears & Rahm's Racist Insult to Chicagoans

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"Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday opened the door to allowing candidates with minor drug and criminal offenses to become Chicago Police officers to attract minorities at a time of high crime and deep distrust." Chicago Sun Times City Hall Cheerleader  Fran Spielman

Gee, Chicago minorities are just too involved in weed and youthful shenanigans to become cops?  Parents in Englewood, Chatham, Brainerd and Auburn Gresham allow their boys and girls to fire up some Loud, even though it might mean saying bye, bye to gainful employment at a later age?

Wow, Chicago minorities in Garfield Ridge, Pilsen Little Village and South Chicago can not escape the lure of Latin Kings, Maniac Latin Disciples Latin Counts, Vice Lords, Stones, All People Nation, Spanish Cobras, Latin Dragons, Latin Eagles, Imperial Gangsters, Simon City Royals, Harrison Gents, Almighty Ambrose and the Surenos, weed, theft and battery?  Que Lastima!

The Mayor who is drowning in homicides and his City Council of Progressive Independent Rubber-stamps are clawing at the old Pander-Bears Playbook as a life preserver. A white pander-Bear, a Latino Pander Bear and a Black Pander Bear set up Rahm's end-run around sense, safety and the sanctity of life.  Ed Burke, George Cardenas and Roderick Sawyer came up with another gimme-shelter dodge for Rahm the Racoon-Eyed Mayor.

Ever since Mayor Coon-Eyes Emanuel hushed up the video on the shooting of Laquan McDonald and tossed his family $3 M buckeens to hush-up about City Hall mischief, the  Big Bill Thompson of Highland Park has been universally ridiculed, shunned by the Clintons and Obama's White House, detested by citizens of Chicago - minorities and the few remaining majorities left in the city's tax-base, but propped up, worshipped and all but felated by the Chicago press and WTTW.  Rahm has had to skulk his way through the revolving door at Trump Towers and now the Sun Times is engaged in more post-Laquan mythopoeia with this howler from the always supine Lynn Sweet:
Lynn Sweet
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WASHINGTON — Since the election, President-elect Donald Trump has lavished attention on one family, besides his own, meeting with all three Emanuel brothers: first Ari, then Rahm, and on Wednesday, with eldest brother Zeke.
This leaves the strong impression that Trump, if not exactly courting the famous and accomplished brothers, is going out of his way to seek input from the Chicago-born Democrats.!
Love that Fake News!

Lynn, tell them about Rahm's three pointer in that game against the pre-schoolers at the Latin School!  Oh, that never happened?  So, what! So long as you are doing fake news, pour it on!

Hey, how about Mitt Romney's chances at Secretary of State?  Oh, that's right.  That was cruel of me.
Since the election, President-elect Donald Trump has lavished attention on one family, besides his own, meeting with all three Emanuel brothers: eldest brother Zeke (left), Rahm, and Ari. | Donald Trump photo by Getty Images; Zeke Emanuel, file photo; Rahm Emanuel, Sun-Times file photo; and Ari Emanuel, Getty Images
Many disinterested Chicago voters and WTTW watchers will nod with conviction and agree with Lynn Sweet that "Boy Them Emanuel Scamps are Just the Nuts!  Ain't they?  And Such Talented Boys!"

Rahm and the Chicago City Council with the 50 ( sorry, 49, as of yesterday, I guess) AlderStampers will totally destroy what is left of Chicago and recruit future Chicago Police Officers right off of CLEARPATH - put together by former Superintendent McCarthy to identify the City's gang hot-spots.  Not every gang-banger has committed a murder, yet; but, they smoked some loud and now can pass the piss tests, thanks to Brother Ed Burke, Father Emanuel!

Set up a CPD recruiting station at Foster Park. The only people allowed in there are gang-bangers.

I hate to give these creeps a good idea.

I worked with African American, Mexican, Latino, Canaryville Irish kids for twenty one years.  They could pass a piss test. They do not sport a Jacket threaded with larcenies.  Their parents sent them to Catholic schools to stay away from gangs.  The same can be said for the families that chose Charter Schools.  The very same can be said of the vast majority of minority kids who attend CPS.  CPS students are forced into Claypool's concentration camps and told to like it at Harper, Robeson and Hubbard, while the elites grift out spots for future activists at Whitney Young and Gwendolyn Brooks.

Lower standards and telling "minorities" that they just can not make the cut is racist, insulting and self-serving.

Lower the standards and insult the very mission of Law Enforcement.

On Wednesday, the effort picked up steam.
Burke and Cardenas joined Sawyer in sponsoring a resolution calling for City Council hearings to discuss implementing the federal recommendations.
The report suggests that police departments across the nation should disregard minor criminal offenses of candidates from “underrepresented communities,” revise the controversial psychological exam and lower the bar for written and physical exams.  ( So keep high standards for White Boys and Girls?)   
“Certain barriers — including background investigations that treat all arrests and criminal convictions alike regardless of type of offense or how recent the occurrence, or even screen out those voluntarily admitting to drug use alone [without any conviction] — can prevent the agency from hiring the diverse officers it needs to connect with and serve the entire community,” the report says.
Likewise, psychological tests and credit checks put up “discriminatory employment barriers to women and racial minority applicants,” the report states.
Burke made a similar argument Wednesday.
“Simply put, there are many occasions when a minor incident that occurred many years ago should not be enough to rule out a candidate for consideration,” Burke, a former Chicago Police officer and ex-Police Committee chairman, said in a news release.
“We are not so much asking the department to lower [its] hiring standards as we are asking them to apply a greater standard of fairness." (Emphases my own) 

Horseshit, Eddie! How long was he a cop?  Toolong on City Council for sure.  In fact, every Council Member should ponder the story I link here.  Disgusted by the politicians elected to fill seats in their town,  every member of Bunker Hill, Indiana's Police Department resigned.

It is time for these pandering political clowns to be tossed out of business.  I include our Chicago Media.

And Trump is dangerous?

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