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Really, Really Hate America? Read This, Unless It Has Been Banned by Your Local Public Library of School District

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           educere Latin - to lead away (from ignorance)
education- give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (someone, especially a child), typically at a school or university. Merriam Webster 2016
"I want beginning teachers to resist, to rebel against all of it, to reject these clich├ęs, to stand on their own feet, and to make their way toward the moral heart of teaching at its best." - Bill Ayers, Terrorist and Retired College of Education Professor.

Colin Kaepernick and other foolish youngsters who do bloodless, inconsequential and juvenile demonstrations accepted by the script writers for Social Justice Warriors should be forgiven.  They do not know any better.

Kneeling during the National Anthem, stomping, burning and desecrating the American flag, yelling, or spray painting obscenities about police, the President Elect, Jews, Israel, white neighbors, black neighbors, Mexican Americans, or Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are just ignorant and spoiled people acting out.

Reacting to such actions with anything but a raised eyebrow, must be reserved to Veterans.

Me, I'm as yellow as a duck's foot and drew a magic Draft lottery that allowed me to finish college and become an English teacher.  Most guys my age (64), were as lucky.  The guys a few years older, went to Vietnam and many did not come home; many more came home without limbs, attached to colostomy bags, in wheel chairs and all with more horror than Joseph Conrad novel.

Kids no longer are introduced to Joseph Conrad, William Thackeray, Walter Scott, Owen Wister, or Edward E. Hale*, because Marxists like William Ayers dominated American Colleges of Education since the 1980's.  Literature has been denied its common humanity, by disciples of idiotic critical theorists and semiotic totalitarians like Noam Chomsky.

Had high teachers been trained in rigorous mastery of their disciplines (math, science, literature & composition, history and government) rather than John Dewey inspired radical theories and social engineering nonsense,  more informed intellects would be voting.

Saturday, the Chicago Bears will play the San Francisco 49-ers and their daffy QB Colin Kapernick.

Kaepernick's PR guru seems to have given the bad advice, just like Bill Ayers poisoned legions of current public school teachers in his time at UICC.

Education means the condition of having been led away from ignorance.  The evidence points to a condition contrary to it its purpose.

Colin Kaepernick, a child of the bi-racial union of an African American father, who abandoned the union before the child was born and a young white woman who could not care for the child. Colin Kaepernick was adopted by a white family in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin and moved with them to California, where the boy displayed great athletic talents in baseball ( Colin was drafted by the CUBS in 2009) and football ( he decided to QB for the University of Nevada Wolves.  He took a degree in business and was drafted into the NFL.

Things seem to indicate to me that Colin Kaepernick might never have been assigned much less read Edward Everrett Hale's very long short story - The Man Without a Country.

I suggest that contemporaries of Colin Kaepernick are wholly unfamiliar with this work of American Literature - deemed to be an artifact of dead white men and a document of Imperialism, by too many American colleges.

Here is an assignment.

Read this story linked here

Tomorrow - let's talk about it.

Do you think that if Colin Kaepernick and thousands of young people and far too many older folks, behaving like him, would act better, had they been educated by a competent teacher about the truths made evident in the Man Without a Country? 

* for my lazy lads:

 On trial for supporting Aaron Burr, U.S. Army lieutenant Philip Nolan denounces the U.S. and says that he never wants to hear about his country again. Exiled to U.S. Naval warships, Philip moves from ship to ship, never returning to or hearing about America.
At first he is unrepentant, but over time he becomes desperate for news of his country. He asks a young sailor for news of America and urges him to never speak ill of America. "Stand by her, boy, as you would stand by your mother, " he says, referring to America as "her," which he does each time he talks about the United States. While at a ship party, he asks a woman with whom he dances for news of America, but she refuses and walks away.
Years after his sentence, he realizes he is dying. He shows an officer named Danforth a shrine he built to America. The shrine includes a portrait of George Washington, a painted bald eagle and an outdated map. This map, he says, is proof that he has a country. He asks again for news, and Danforth gives in, sharing all of the major events that occurred since his trial except the Civil War.
After he dies, an epitaph he wrote is discovered. He describes himself as loving his country like no other man loves her but acknowledges that he deserved nothing from her.

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