Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Abortion Every 96 Seconds - Way to Go, America!!!!! You Esss AYYY!!!!

Planned Parenthood is celebrating 96 years leading the culture of death. Just how closely is our president tied to this abortion giant? President Obama and the one person he really cares about - Arch Hag and Planned Parenthood Corpse Wrangler Cecile Richards.  They had to give up Doc Gosnell - you gotta bust some eggs to make an omelet.

". . .never before had a state with the authority of its responsible leader decided and announced that a specific human group, including its aged, its women and its children and infants, would be killed as quickly as possible, and then carried through this resolution using every possible means of state power" -Eberhard Jäckel 1986
Well, up until 1986 maybe.

Every single room temperature I. Q.* that manages to get elected to and remain in public office has the support and financial muscle of Planned Parenthood - the Ad Hoc Fourth Branch of Government.

Planned Parenthood has helped script most of the movies coming out of Hollywood over the last four decades ( Roe v. Wade 1973) , placed its President in the White House and managed to convince otherwise kind-hearted souls who love puppied and old briefcases like Illinois Governor Pat Quinn that the slaughter of children is no biggie.

No organization has been so successful in managing and financing the slaughter of human beings with the general approval of the national population, since Albert Speer designed swell buildings and the politically correct managed to create Gemeinschaftsfremde (community aliens).  

We Yanks have only managed to make infants Gemeinschaftsfremde, the Obama White House, the DNC, gutless GOP milksops, Hollywood and the media are hard at work making sure that the disabled, the handicapped, the elderly and mentally vulnerable get their places in the metaphorical boxcars.

As it is Planned Parenthood's Arch-Hag Cecile Richards proudly proclaimed, 

In its latest annual report, released in December, Planned Parenthood says it did 327,166 abortion procedures in the course of one year and 2,197 adoption referrals. That works out to approximately 149 abortions for each adoption referral.
The data comes from an accounting of “patient care” Planned Parenthood says its “affiliate health centers” did in the year that ran from Oct. 1, 2011 to Sept. 30, 2012.
Planned Parenthood says in it new annual report that it received a total of $540.6 million in government grants and reimbursements for the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2013. That accounted for almost 45 percent of the organization’s total revenue of $1,210.4.
The 327,166 abortions Planned Parenthood did in the year from Oct. 1, 2011 to Sept, 30, 2012 was down 6,798 abortions from the 333,964 abortions the organization did in the year from Oct. 1, 2010 to Sept. 30 2011.
Still, the 327,166 abortions that Planned Parenthood did from October 2011-September 2012 works out to approximately one abortion every 96 seconds.
Those crying babies in 3 Star hash-houses will be a thing of the past!  Gummers in retirement villages will disappear.  Marriage will be as meaningful as the Magna Charta.  Everyone will have a Vagina!  Like a Polar Vortex can justify killing the nations energy sources, Barack Obama will executive order more dollars to help bring about a Final Solution to all the people that 'best people' just do not like.

Now, that's what some people call hope and change!

I don't.

* e.g. The Following Sex ( in good old Latin) are the mushrooms from Planned Parenthood's garden.

  1. Sen. Dick Durbin
  2. Gov. Pat Quinn
  3. Rep. Jan Schakowsky
  4. IL Rep/ Fran Hurley
  5. US Sen. Marque Kirque
  6. President Barack H. Obama

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