Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Susie Watts Stood Up to the Purple Gang -Gov. Quinn and the Purple Reds of SEIU

SEIU Homecare Quality in Size XXXXL - a mother caring for a disabled child has a slim chance against these Marxist heavyweights . . ., or does she?

Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Labor could be a game changer.  The Supreme Court over ruled the opinion of US Court of Appeals -7th District ( Judge Richard Posner).   SEIU  did the hat dance.  Then in a political payback to robust SEIU support for Blagogevich and Quinn, mothers caring for seriously diasabled children in their own homes were compelled, bullied and brow beaten into pay SEIU dues which always are used to pay for friendly legislation and gubernatorial cowardice.  SEIU has never been disappointed in these 'investments.'

Quinn(L) allowed Keith Kelleher(R), the wizard of SEIU Illinois, to send purple-shirted goons to pay a visit to the working Moms.  Some Moms had enough of Governor Blow-Hard and the Purple Reds of SEIU.
Susie Watts, a Chicago-area mother who cares for a disabled 27-year-old daughter at home, is glad to have the support but sees no need for a union.
"Nothing could be more meaningful for me than caring for her at home," she said. "But I didn't have any choice about this union. I don't need it, and there is no opting out."
However, Keith Kelleher, president of the SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana, said the union had helped improve the lives of employees as well as those who are cared for at home. "This saves the government billions of dollars over institutions," he said. "We don't want to go back to the old days."
The union contract with the state raised wages for in-home care providers from $7 an hour to $11.65 an hour this year. They also won benefits, including health insurance.
Disability rights advocates hailed the change. "We needed a stable workforce, with good wages and benefits," said Amber Smock, director of advocacy for Access Living in Chicago. "And we did it with the SEIU."

The Supreme Court may very well rule in favor of Keith Kelleher, the corn-fed Andy Stern of Midwest, and the purple people eaters of SEIU.  That would not surprsie me in the least.

However, I feel that Governor Quinn and SEIU violated the Book of Amos* on this one, put a cast iron skilet full of metal filings in the microwave and set the dial on high, with Mrs. Susie Watts.

*Read Isaiah 1-1-17 you fautous blow-hard, Quinn- Quinn picked the shortest Book in the bible, however - "...we know about the bible. and we know about the book in the bible , one of  the shortest books, the book of amos. it's only eight pages long. i commend it to everyone to read. because amos said, and i know Doctor King knew this when he was on this earth, amos said , 'woe to those who affect the poor. woe to those who afflict the poor.' 

Read More at: http://www.foxillinois.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/restaurant-owners-react-durbins-tip-wage-increase-proposal-947.shtml

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