Wednesday, January 22, 2014

U.S. Senator Marque Kirque (D.(urbin), IL) Thinks Sean Connery Makes a Nice Field of Dreams as Jim Garrison in JFK

Senator Marque Kirque had a stroke; Senator Dick Durbin is one.  Together, the Archie and Jughead of Our Federal Patrician House would not have the intellectual breath between them to rotate the blades of carnival pinwheel more than three times.

As I said, Marque Kirque had a debilitating stroke and might be forgiven this -

Story by 89 WLS Reporter Bill Cameron(CHICAGO) The flap continues between Alderman Ed Burke and Senators Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin over the senators’ desire to name the ATF building after Eliott Ness.
Burke claims the legend of Ness is a myth. “Eliot Ness never laid eyes on Al Capone. The case against Al Capone was developed by a federal agent in the Department of the Treasury by the name of Frank Wilson. Now if the federal government is looking for a role model to use for a building name, why not Frank Wilson?”
But Kirk is sticking with Ness. “Did you see the movie “The Untouchables?” I think he did pretty well in that movie. As Sean Connery, I thought he was pretty good. I’m going with the Eliott Ness that was in the movie.”
Trouble is, Connery didn’t play Ness, Kevin Costner did.
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- were not for the fact that Marque Kirque had career in the House of Representatives equal to the above claim.   Pretty easy to mistake a G-Man for a Turkeybird Flatfoot, post stroke I reckon; but a septuagenarian Scottish Actor for Field of Dreams Guy?  J. Edgar Hoover's Nightie, Senator! 

Senator Dick Durbin has not had a stroke but he remains a giant one. 

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