Monday, January 13, 2014

BBC - A Childless World is a Fullfilled, Happy, and Ever So Wonderful World!

Unevolved and unhappy family and so not cool.

Way evolved and brilliantly happy and ever so much splendid couple.

The BBC was at one time a voice of hope ecoing over the Channel to a Europe occupied by the Planned Parenthood Approved Nazi Germany.  Eugenics is meant to make the world a happier place for fewer people.  Abort defected children and people whom the 'best' people just don't like very much.
How responsible is it to have children in a world whose environmental health is already under stress? That's the question Joanna Benn poses this week in the Green Room. On the other hand, she wonders, will a couple more hungry mouths make much difference?
'I came out of my house last week and got caught up in a fleet of mothers and prams.'
Toss them pram pushing Breeders into an Open Auschwitz!  Damn their eyes!~

 The BBC controls the early morning hours of American Public Radio.  Some people really a enjoy a voice right out of Downton Abbey aping idiocies into the Progressive echo chamber.  The BBC and NPR tend churn out stories about the world epidemic of Christians eating Muslims, wondrous tales of emerging nations taking their baby steps toward totalitarianism and the big chairs at the United Nations, millions of  reports of Israeli bulldozing bullies knocking down the walls of Jericho, Gaza, the Golan Heights and Palestinian Hookah shops, while Irish millionaires rent out yachts and run rockets to Hamas.  All of these is made palatable via the pipes of OX Bridge schooled wanker.  Not only has NPR adopted the swanky wankers from perfidious Albion, but also the cable news hillbillies at CNN and MSNBC. Piers Morgan has down his level best to sink Ted Turner's cable full of Ron Burgundies, while Martin Bashir's anal-fixations went virally toxic at the clown opera called MSNBC.

BritVox Rocks!

Me? Puts me off my feed listening to the platter of manure served up by Jeeves of Airwaves.  I listen to NPR for absurdities.  This morning's offering was a bit much for this single Dad of three, who misses his bride who died in 1998. Open University released its finding that married couples with children are too often busy raising, providing for, feeding, housing clothing, educating and hugging their spawn find less time to knick down to the local for some pintsand Cosmos, take in a U-2 Benefit concert, or experiment in depraved acts of sexual intimacies so graphically re-enacted on BBCs1-2-3 and purchased by HBO.

Childless couples 'have the happiest marriages'... but mothers are happier overall than anyone else
Study finds people without children are more satisfied with their relationships and more likely to feel valued by their partner
Women with children are happiest, and those without are least happy
By contrast, men with children are slightly less happy than those without
Open University findings based on surveys with more than 5,000 people
Here is a link as I could not find the BBC -Brit Vox's interview with Dr.Jacqui Gibbs who also found, not surprisingly, that 'non-heterosexual couples' ( I guess that would be Randy&Andy, or Mac & Sappho) were happiest.

You see; the BBC, NPR, President Obama, George Soros, Gloria Steinem, Planned Parenthood and Dr. Kermit Gosnell know that our world and the 'best people in it' are evolving to the point where this study makes absolute . . .truth.

Me?  Shoot, I still admire Ward Bond and detest abortion and all of its manifestations.. How evolved can that be.

If only that  BavarianSanger paper-hanger had the sense to hire BBC BritVoxed chappies to announce train schedules to Bergen -Belsen maybe things might have worked for 'the best people'' - Nah.

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