Thursday, January 16, 2014

Can You Stomach Wright's Content and Context

Jeremiah Wright is no crazier than fellow UCC member and Public Television Ninny Bill Moyers.  They are cut from the very same context - here its is:

The Foundation of Western Civilization is the three-headed demon of Racism. Militarism and Capitalism.

Yesterday Jeremiah Wright made the Dr. Martin Luther King Address at Karen Lewis's MLK Birthday Breakfast.  Wright went all Wright on Obama, who has been an inane drone ever since he tucked a clipboard tightly in his armpit as a comminity organizer, Woods Fund robot, book signer, Dem Back Bencher and Little Miss punching bag for Bobby Rush and Laura Washington.  However. Daffy Wright invoke Dr. King, - Dr King said, "I Have a Dream,“I have a dream,” Obama says, “I have a drone.”

Na, NA,NAHHHH, Go' Dayem!

There's more -
Wright, Obama’s former pastor, called for King’s “revolution of values” and a rejection of the “three-headed demon” of “racism, militarism and capitalism” — the foundations of Western society, he said.
You know:

  • Hook Nosed Jews like Spinosa, Maimomedes, Einstein
  • Garlic Eatin Eyetalians like Dante Da Vinci and Columbus!
  •  Kraut gulping Germans like Beethoven, Schiller, Goethe
  • Beer Guzzling BoHunks like Gregor Mendel
  • Frenchie Down-lows like Montaigne, Rabelais
  • All them Irish Niggahs!
  • Crackers like Lincoln, Twain,
  • More of them Jews!!!!
He's not crazy and CTU President Karen Lewis is not . . .corpulent.

Lewis defended Wright’s remarks, including the Obama references, saying the pastor’s words need to be seen in a broad context.  “The issue is, how do we put those things in context so we can get to the point where we can have a world that’s healed and perfected, where we don’t have war?” Lewis said.
Have another stack of flap-jacks, Karen.

Dr. King would have loved that gathering of intellectual titans.

Karen, if my would, to use your phrase 'Pisses You Off,' look at the broad context . . . and do have some biscuis and gravy, a couple of Parkerhouse sausage patties, a dozen rashers of crispy bacon and some sticky buns. 

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