Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First World Issues by a Third World Soul

  • I am so tired of seeing infants and toddlers and people who just seem not to care a whit about fashion in places where I choose to dine.
  • Why not replace CTA Boss Clayopool with a Ventra Card; thety work about the same
  • Arne Duncan can be bought for $ 250,000
  • Syndicated News Agregator Rich Miller for far less
  • E-Smokes are called a 'Gateway to Addiction and Weed is Medicinal
  • I dance for Skittles, or Sour Patch Kids
  • No one ever complains about Techno Pop
  • I hate White Whine
  • After Grenada, I have been losing the War on Women
  • Nurses should not wear scrubs anymore, but go back to wearing tight fitting Russ Myer whites and stilleto pumps - don't get me started on Flight Attendants

  • Hillary Clinton
  • There is only one James Bond in the same way that there is only one Maverick
  • Matt Dillon never drew first and never had to answer charges of police toture - neither did CPD Lt. Frank Ballinger
  • No television program has ever had a theme to match that of M -Squad

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