Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chicago Needs A Neighbor as Mayor - ATU 308 President Bob Kelly Makes Sense

Laura Washington, God love her, suggests that Chicago needs a hometown De Blasio.  If De Blasio translates to ' a powerful enema,'  I agree. Chicago's blocked colon is the result of, not the lack of Progressives.

However, De Blasio name probably come from the Italian of Biazz in Tuscony, or the Italian Swiss town of the same name.  De Blasio is avariant of the name Biasi.  There was a famous Italian manufacturer of explosives by the name of Mario Biazzi (1897-1974), which would factor nicely with the former Sandinista Boy Scout, a married a former lesbian and is now Mayor of the Big Apple.

I did not know that there were former lesbians.  I thought they were like members of Irish Republican Army, or the U.S. Marines - Once In, Never out. Lord have mercy.

Bill De Blasio and Rahm Emanuel are cuts from the same cloth. However, once a Progressive gets a taste for corporate boodle, he can not get his snout out of the trough.  Bill De Blasio is only just wetting his beak.  Rahm has had a moolah bath for decades in golden tubs filled by Goldman Sachs, Hollywood, Planned Parenthood and the Non-Euclidian Plutocracy.

When corporate suits play at Progressive and the political rubber meets the road there is always a blow-out.  Real estate and real politics are a fixture not unlike sticking a starving rat and rabid raccoon in a burlap bag. One will win the fang and claw fest but you end up with a useless and bloody bag.

A recent study of Santa Cruz, CA offers this insight, " Since most cities are usually controlled by real estate developers and their buddies, Santa Cruz is a good test case for comparing theories of urban power. Atypical cases are helpful in eliminating theories from consideration if they cannot explain the unexpected events." Not true.  Most cities are controlled by coalitions of interests outside of the city limits.  The suits don't live in the city.

Now, don't get all nasty on the real estate developer.  Their 'buddies' are banks, lawyers, Friends of the Parks, Universities, political weasels and the media.   They have tony zip codes.

Toni Preckwinkle, President of the Cook County Board and recent Single Mom, is poised to challenge Rahm Emanuel for Mayor.  Toni has a tony zip code.

Most Chicagoans do not.  Chicagoans need a mayor who is also a neighbor and not just some cork-screw in Armani who stashed the old lady's wedding dress in the family rental, while in greener pastures.

If Chicago want to break the cycle of dynastic Kleptarchy and Progressive blow-out government ( which have nationally, state-wide, county level and at City Hall), Chicago needs to get a neighbor in the brawl.  I'd pick ATU Local 308 President Robert Kelly.

  • Kelly is no friend of the grifting interests that begat Emanuel, Claypool, Preckwinkle & Quinn
  • Kelly is a middle class wage earner who earned his Carhartt gear
  • Kelly is a geuine labor leader, unlike the Marxist myna bird - Karen Lewis
  • Kelly is a Chicago tax paying homeowner with eleven children
  • Kelly is leader of a broad and diverse labor local of skilled professionals
  • Kelly has managed one of the only Pension funds in Illinois that is going to benefit its membership
  • Kelly is already in the political cross-hairs
  • Kelly is already a media target - how can one not trust person whom Eric Zorn, Rich Miller, Carol Marin and Michael Sneed just don't like.
Chicago could use an enema with firehouse on full strength.  Chicago is not New York, never was and never should be. Every stupid idea Chicago City Council ever nanny stated on its people came from New York. Vote in Chicagoans.

The difference between Rahm (Bloomberg) and Toni ( De Blasio) is the difference between cancer and strychnine.

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