Saturday, January 18, 2014

CTU Pres.Karen Lewis Surrogate Goes "On the Record with Greta" as a Complete Dope

(L-R) Dude with Hat, Kristine Mayle, Karen Lewis, Little bald white guy,Big bald Black guy, and CTU/CORE Commisar Jesse Sharkey -CORE values Marxism

CTU Financial Secretary Kristine Mayle stood in for CTU President Karen Lewis and CTU's Socialist Mastermind Jesse Sharkey in defence of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's recent howlings during CTU's Dr. King Breakfast.  

Kristine Mayle is a young white woman who looks like your niece who took a job as an elementary school teacher, after being disappointed in the corporate world.  Karen Lewis already said what needed to be said to the Sun Times ( The Sun-Times spoke with CTU President Karen Lewis who defended Wright, saying, "The issue is, how do we put those things in context so we can get to the point where we can have a world that’s healed and perfected, where we don’t have war?”

Uh, huh.  A World that is healed and perfected by the context laid out by Crazy Jerry ( Rev. Wright), who was ditched by Obama like fat girl at Homecoming for being crazy.
Jeri Wright at the Regal Theater on East 79th Street in Chicago in 2007 to announce a chapter of the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network would open in Chicago. Jeri Wright was to be the president of the Chicago chapter.
Well, Jeremiah Wright is a crazy hustler/hater stuck with bum property in Tinley Park and daughter under Federal indictment for embezzling funds ear-marked to help poor African Americans. However, the Chicago Teachers Union is run by CORE which is run by ISO, which is run by CPUSA and crazy people can always help make change. So, trot out the liitle white girl.

In the video from On The Record with Greta, Kristine Mayle says exactly what Jesse Sharkey told  Karen Lewis to say,  when  reporters asked "Why CTU would invite Crazy Reverand Jerry to deconstruct Dr. Martin Luther King at a breakfast in his name."  Here's poor dopey Kristine Mayle doing her master's bidding.

Here is what we are meant to 'take away' from Kristine ( Sharkey's)'s remarks

  • Dr. King is a committed Communist, whose legacy has been hijacked by racist, war-mongering capitalists and sanitized by running dog rich white racists 
  • Dr. King is not the man America celebrates this coming Monday, but an Uncle Remus even Racist Abe would love to call His Darkie
  • Obama is a Class/Race Traitor who has outlived his useful idiotness
  • Context is whatever CTU deems it to be
  • Jesse Sharkey will continue to live under the radar
  • Karen Lewis can be replaced
The Chicago Teachers need wake up.  Maybe, teaching a gym class or two will help.

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