Friday, September 24, 2010

If Daley Sent Terry Peterson, That Just Might Be Daley's Endorsement of Rahm

Sneed hears rumbles CTA board Chairman Terry Peterson, who was Mayor Daley's campaign manager four years ago -- and was considered a possible mayoral contender -- has reportedly signed on to manage Rahm Emanuel's mayoral bid.
Terry Peterson is Mayor Daley's John Mackey -

January 17, 1971, Mackey was a principal in one the most famous plays in NFL championship history, catching a pass from quarterback Johnny Unitas after the ball first bounced off the hands of receiver Eddie Hinton and then grazed the fingertips of Cowboys All-Pro defensive back Mel Renfro. The ball caromed further downfield into the waiting arms of Mackey, who ran untouched for a (then) Super Bowl-record 75-yard touchdown reception. Baltimore won the game, 16-13, on Jim O'Brien's 32-yard field goal with five seconds left.
John Mackey could catch anything Johnny Unitas threw at or near him- he took care of the stuff that no one else could handle and that is Chicago's Terry Peterson.

If them Sneed rumbles tumble, hold the phone!

Terry Peterson has carried out every task that Mayor Daley sent his way.

1. When Alderman Streeter went away to Club Fed, Mayor Daley reached out to a young and energetic Planning and Development staffer and Terry Peterson stepped in as Alderman of the 17th Ward. Mr. Peterson is smart and a very good man.

2. Daley then tasked the effective and successful young Alderman with redevloping and dismantling the Cabrini-Green Housing Projects as Assistant Commissioner for Planning and Development in charge of "redevelopment initiatives surrounding the Cabrini-Green and Henry Horner public housing developments. Mr. Peterson embraced the Mayor’s vision of holistic community development built with public– private partnerships and anchored by major investments in parks, schools, libraries, police stations, and shopping centers."

In 2000, Peterson was named CEO of the Chicago Housing Authority, "responsible for the management of the Authority’s ten-year $1.5 billion Plan for Transformation. The Plan’s commitment is to rehabilitate or construct 25,000 units of public housing in communities that are safer, physically sound, and provide economic opportunities for residents."

3. Terry Peterson served on the National Advisory Board of Fannie Mae, one of the nation’s premiere affordable housing and community development corporations. Additionally, Mr. Peterson serves on the Board of Directors of The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities (CLPHA), an organization that researches and advocates for housing policy that ensures the preservation and improvement of public housing programs."

4. Terry Peterson was named to the CTA Doard of Directors

5. Terry Peterson ran each of Mayor Daley's recent Mayoral Campigns.

In short, Terry Peterson is the John Mackey of the Daley Administration and the question arises -Did Daley Call in John Mackey?

If Daley asked Terry Peterson to run Rahm Emanuel's campaign, that, boys and girls, in my opinion, is Mayor Richard M. Daley's endorsement.

Rahm would be Daley's guy.

Terry Peterson is John Mackey

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