Friday, September 17, 2010

Progressive Guest Blogger - Secular Feminist Gay Cannibal Rights Advocate - Ms. Seeley Hoyne-Hamilton

The delicate and thoughtful woman with whom I spend the best hours of my week, in person or via phone chides me to consider the point of view of others.

In order to really get to know autere people one must leave one's comfort zone and seek differing points of view - like turning on NPR, WTTW, CBS, NBC, ABC,CNN, reading the NYT,Trib, Sun Times Editorials, or taking coffee at another venue.

Rather than take coffee with the 19th Ward Yeomanry, which is my wont, at Kean Gas Station, White Hen What's By the Beverly Bank, Karim and Bidya's Dunkin Donuts on
104th and Western, I decided to get my Arabica on at Fuzzy Quim's Alternative Roast over by 99th & the Metra. I met a dowager ( late-50's ) who after four failed marriages divorced the right banker and got the magnificent Frank Lloyd Wright-Knock Off on Longwood Drive in Beverly 60643 where she resides with her Lovers ( I did not ask and I shall not tell). She has a point of view that rings familiar and at the same time runs counter to the thought patterns of my neighbors.

I present the morning musings of my invited guest Ms. Seeley Hoyne-Hamilton - she is not the stereotypical Beverly Breeder Catholic/Baptist/Lutheran/Methodist/Wiccan( Yes, Muriel, There be Wiccans here about - nice folks, don't piss them off) Mom.

"The secular identity of the American people is not something to criticize, but to celebrate. We have rejected dogmatic religion devoid of compassion. I wear Pink only on Days that coincide with my menstrual flow and my Lovers' willingness to drive my three cats to the Unitarian Day Care in Hyde Park. I chose abortion, it did not choose me.

After thirteen years of George Bush and his racist war on the Iraqi people, of whom I sing! Zionist, Pig! Millions of Afghan women were systemically tortured by Bush's thugs and the Pope's Swiss Guard Why has the Pope not been arrested for the sexual abuse of children? Benny the Rat doesn't want anybody to be tolerant of atheists, gays, and intellectuals, or to treat women as equals.

Planned Parenthood and Gloria Steinem is having a Tea to celebrate women and I will be there. How about you? Not Breeders of course. Before my Awakening , I had any number of baby bumps aborted and I proudly tell everyone how do you think I keep this figure? Abortion colon cleansings, and reading Joan Walsh in Salon. I am WOMAN and not Womb-Man.

Who is the intolerant one here? If Gays and Cannibals, after all of their Great Service to America, can not who can? Remember Gays and Cannibals never owned slaves - Gays I mean really. And Cannibals dined on persons of all hues in the Rainbow!Imagine, persecuting someone whose choice of diet includes human flesh, well, that is not the America I choose.

I Love dance and contribute regularly to the Planned Parenthood Ballet in Lakeview, where Congressman Mike Quigley has made sure that Health Care Funding Dollars make our Arts a priority for sexually ambivalent teens and questioning young adults who may not know that door to the hideous Zionist closet is open to them - once Israel is wiped off the face of the earth,pets and Breeders spayed and neutered.

Eric Zorn is the only genuine voice for women and Palin and ll those Tea Baggers and Ward Thugs will emasculate Real Women. Read Sister Miriam MacGillis, founder of Genesis Farm and recipient of the 2005 Thomas Berry Award for her ministry on the new cosmology so that we can finally do as Sierra Club and Debra Shore demand and change the flow of the Chicago River. I Am a Progressive Woman, because the penis fell off all of the smart people who Chose to terminate that unwanted child within!

I can not get a head of good organic arugula in this stupid neighborhood. After my colon cleansings nothing is more important than the quality time I spend with Rachel Maddow and my Lovers.

The Old Boy's Club? It think not and I vote not!

Lastly, I Hate Fat, Stupid People and this beautiful planet is just too overpopulated with them. Be kind."

Well, Hush My Beak! Next on Fresh Air!

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