Sunday, September 12, 2010

Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation: Help Keep the PC Out!

Here is a wonderful effort to save Chicago History. Some time ago, Political Correctness tried to change History again, here in Chicago. The efforts to eliminate "the massacre" from the The Fort Dearborn Massacre. Ridiculous. Chicago Tribune's Ron Grossman reported on the PC Idiocy with artful genius! God Bless Ron Grossman for not ignoring the fatuous legerdemain by Lefty Loonies involved in this recent Massacre of History.

Journalist Ron Grossman wrote with accuracy and courage and rather the get a groundswell of smooches from the sheep, . . .nope; folks took notice.

Rather, Chicagoans objected. The alderman and bureaucrats of Park District got involved and PC'd the project. Remember?

"It’s not to say there wasn’t a massacre, but we wanted to provide a vehicle for people to come together," said Tina Feldstein, president of Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance the ceremony’s host.

Call it what you will, what occurred there on Aug. 15, 1812, was no picnic. Now, it’s a pleasant spot for alfresco dining in a gentrifying neighborhood, but 197 years ago, it was a place of bloodshed.

Having been starved al fresco, the victims of the massacre were lured and lulled by lies from ( GASP!) Native Americans!

The Injuns slaughtered men women and children;however, agenda politics leader of the Pokagon, now busy scalping the White Eyes at Casinos in the Lake Michigan Nation bullied and gulled the Cliffs Notes Reading Progressive hand wringers who somehow get involved in public debate - Let's Call the massacre a . . .disagreement. Battle if you must. However, a battle is generally two-side is it not?

John Low, a member of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi and director of the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, in Evanston, saluted the winning choice as evenhanded, not "casting the parties as victims or victors, villains or heroes." . . . ‘Massacre’ is such a judgmental word," Low said. "We discussed how, from another perspective, you might call it ‘Victory Park.’ "

Feldstein recalled the delicate negotiations it took to find a compromise acceptable to all parties.

"I got an unbelievable history lesson," she said

Here's a chance to get involved and apply some antiseptic to PC Idiocy.

The mission of the Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation is to establish a significant memorial to Camp Douglas, and to provide interpretive and educational opportunities on Camp Douglas, Civil War prison camps, and the contribution of African Americans to the Civil War.

Planned for the restoration is the construction of two prison barracks on the site.

One barracks is to be used as a visitor’s center and a gallery of Camp Douglas and Civil War prison camps. The second will be devoted to the African American contribution to the Civil War.

Volunteers are needed for:

Fund Raising
Community Outreach
Gallery Design
Developing Interpretive and Educational Programs

Click my post title and help. I already contacted the great folks of the Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation, will make a widow's mite offering, and get my History on!

God Bless Ron Grossman!

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