Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jan Schalowsky: Not the Biggest Idiot on Earth . . .but she'll do!

Jan Schakowsky is not the Biggest Idiot on Earth . . .but she'll do!

This is the kind of IDIOCY you get when Americans vote democrat and allow these academic Marxist morons to run the country...

Jan Schakowsky is a radical progressive. Would YOU trust this woman? Her husband Robert Creamer is a convicted felon. In 2006, he was sentenced and served a year and a half in federal prison and house arrest. Got it? Yet another progressive who dedicates their life to forcing higher taxes on the people and then avoids paying them. Of course, he's at the White House! And then a guy with such values and morals and that he has no problem completely ripping off the non-profit entity that he's working for. Click here to read more on Robert Creamer, who helped Obama shape Obamacare with a book he wrote while in prison.

In the video below, we see and hear the despicable far-left Rep Jan Schakowsky of Illinois gleefully predicting the death of the private insurance industry at the hands of the federal government and the single-payer healthcare system.

This dopey Harpy (Jan) was ushered out of Springfield and sent to D.C. with Bi-Partisan joy, when Old Sid Yates hung up his guns. You gotta wonder what Old Sidney would think of this fatuous Xanthippe and her Check Kiting husband. God I wish I could vote for that JoelPollak kid.

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