Wednesday, September 01, 2010

MSNBC Chris Matthews - Finished - "Let Me Finish - They are like Swedes!"

Welcome to Hardball*

Is he supposed to have anti-aircraft guns? How‘s a mayor of New York stop the incoming airplanes that hit the World Trade Center? This is “Beau Geste” all over again, fortresses out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Arabs who don‘t want you there. Anyway, thank you Paul Rieckhoff for joining us, and giving us this insight. We‘re going to come right back with the “Politico‘s” Roger Simon, one of the best columnists around. We‘ll talk about the debate coming up, also the Democrats and their big fight now with the president over the war funding issue, which is coming to a head tonight, as the president has vetoed the bill. It‘s all happening tonight, the big fight between the Democrats and the president over Iraq. We‘ll be right back.

Let me Finish - Is Dick Cheeeney - that's how it's prounnced by Me - Cheeeney - everyone else says CHAIN- Knee - is he a troll ready to bite someone's ankle under the bridge? I think so!

Crispus Attucks was gotten off by John Adams, a real community activist and never once did any one check his card.

Sarah Palin is a nut! She kills me. Don't you think so? Tip O'Neill hired me. I can say the Suscipiat. Tea Party. . . that's not the Boston I know!

These people are wearing guns and demanding Birth Certificates! What's with that?Let me ask you, what does the President need to know that he doesn't know now before he decides on whether to give General McChrystal his requested 40,000 more troops?
If he is born in the USA and 70% of the REPUBLICANS say he is from Witchita, Kenya what does that say?

There is mood in this country that will lynch this President and I don';t me Jane Lynch on Glee either, but CHEEENEY -that's how it's pronounced by the way - was at the TEA Party with Glenn Beck saying that Martin Luther King is all for the Birthers!

Let me finish!

LET Me Finish . . .I'M almost Done! With me, is Joan Walsh of of of . . . Salon . . .that's a place. Maybe. the 1st black President was born there in SALON with Dick CHEEENEY, under a bridge, he's like a troll.

Remember, Boys and girls, if you are healthy and robust be just that and if you play at being really,really, really sick for long enough, you can get really, really sick.

The world we live is no laughing matter; however, MSNBC is an entirely different story.

*Treatment of Munchausen syndrome is often difficult, and there are no standard therapies for the condition. Because people with Munchausen want to be in the sick role, they're often unwilling to seek treatment. However, if approached in a gentle, face-saving way, a person with Munchausen syndrome may agree to be treated by a mental health provider.

Although there are no standard treatments for Munchausen syndrome, treatment often focuses on managing the condition, rather than trying to cure it. Treatment generally includes psychotherapy and behavior counseling. If possible, family therapy also may be suggested.

Medications may be used to treat other mental disorders that are also present, such as depression or anxiety. In severe cases, temporary psychiatric hospitalization may be necessary.

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