Wednesday, September 15, 2010

O'Donnell Abu! Delaware Outsider Clocks Mike Castle! Chicago- R. Emmett Tyrrell Might Do Just That . . . Not to Mike Castle Of Course -O'Donnell Did

. . .On with O'Donnell then! Fight the good fight again!
Sons of TyrConnell are valiant and true!
Make the proud Saxon feel Erin's avenging steel!
Strike! For your Country! O'Donnell abu!
O'Donnell Abu (The Clan Connell War Song)(M.J.McAnn cir. 1843)

Great tune! And now the tune-up!

One of Rich Miller's Sock Puppets at Capitol Fax Blog reacted to the news that R. Emmett Tyrrell, founder and editor-in-chief of The American Spectator, a West Side Chicago native and Fenwick Alumnus, stated his interest in running for Mayor Chicago.

- IrishPirate - Tuesday, Sep 14, 10 @ 12:33 pm:

Tyrrell is thinking of running?

Pat Hickey’s hands must be sweaty and I bet his heart skipped a beat. Alan Keyes isn’t available?

If Vdrolyak runs I imagine Hickey might not even be able to type because of all the excitement. The word “vapors” comes to mind.

Does “R Emmett’The Clown’ Tyrrell even live in Chicago?

In some cases people seem to forget that you have to actually live in Chicago or at least be a “resident” of Chicago for one year prior to the election. I’ve seen reports touting candidates who live and are registered in the suburbs.

Sweaty hands? Well, IP Old Son, this 19th Ward Democrat has ice water in his political veins. Guys call and ask, "Want Yard Sign?" Sure put 'em over there. Get excited about elected officials? Please. I get excited when they change the deli counter at County Fair and at Calabria Imports, but excited about candidates? No, Sock Puppet, I am much older than six years of age. Little kids get loopy about colored balloons and buttons. I vote or help only good girls and boys.

Kelly Burke, Johnny O'Sullivan, Dan Lipinski, Bridgey Gainer, Mary Flowers, Paul "The Wall" Vallas, Ray Wardingly, Ed Maloney, Kathy Meany, Alexi Giannoulias, Pat Quinn, Terry Peterson, Tommy Dart, & etc.

Tommy Dart is a gent! He's broke, Tapioca( an homage to Mike Houlihan's Epic Comedy), bereft of funds, short on dough-ray-me, but very good guys are putting the idiot-stick on the money rake handle. You know, the reaaacccchhhh extenders that painters use. Shortly, Tom Dart will have more Hundos and Grants up around his knees than people living on 107th & Troy had flood waters in their basements.

Rahmbo is the media darling. He needed to buy off opponents when he ran for congress and import talent to ring door bells. But, he is really smart . . .the media keep saying that.

Meeks is not Gay Friendly.

La Pappas runs like a baton-twirling deer!

Terry Peterson is the guy to watch. Powerful folks were holding fund-raisers for Terry years ago and I went to them. If I had Terry's money, I'd throw mine away. More importantly, Terry Peterson knows government and he knows politics and that is what has been sadly missing from the Mayor's Office for decades.

Nah, Bob Tyrrell will enter the lists and challenge the Pie-Chart Dopes like Ralphie Martire who has bankrupted every branch of government that gives him time and money.

Rich Miller's political clearing house, Capitol Fax Blog, is a juicy, snark permitted, closed club of full agreement. The Miller Sock Puppets like Irish Pirate and my personal favorite Skeeter seem like government employed operatives with dogs in the fight. Could be. Who cares? It is a Democratic Club aad very Clubby - CFB blinks and flinches every time SEIU lifts its chubby arm.

Now, the news this AM tells us about the "clowns" and "outsiders" and "scary people" who still manage to win by huge margins, because voters are sick to death of Closed Clubs - GOP and Democrat.

This babe O'Donnell had the world on her back in her busines and still clobber GOP Marque Kirque Look-alike - Mike Castle:

DOVER and WILMINGTON, Del. -- Conservative activist Christine O'Donnell scored an upset victory in Delaware's Republican Senate primary on Tuesday, defeating longtime congressman Mike Castle 53 percent to 47 percent.

O'Donnell's surprising win marked yet another triumph for the Tea Party movement and may have ended the Republican Party's hopes of regaining control of the Senate in November. Polls have shown O'Donnell trailing far behind Democratic nominee Chris Coons, the New Castle county executive.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the people of Delaware have spoken: No more politics as usual," O'Donnell told an ecstatic crowd of campaign volunteers at her election night celebration in Dover. "Don't ever underestimate the power of ‘We The People.'"

In her victory speech, a beaming O'Donnell called for Republican Party unity, but she did not mention Castle by name.

Asked by RealClearPolitics while leaving the stage on Tuesday night whether Castle had called her to concede, O'Donnell said, "No, not yet."

What a Pound Off! We have plenty of similar Pound Offs in Illinois Public life - snark permitted.


IrishPirate said...


The last government pay check I got was from the Army. Been awhile.

You'll be happy to know that "Bridgey" Gainer is squawking about running.

Although, on a personal level Dart's self promotion annoys me, I'll still likely support him in his quest for the Golden Ring.

I'd rather cut off my middle testicle than have Rahmbo in the Mayor's office on anything else but a guided tour.

If you want to post that you think Tyrrell would be a fine mayor, fine. Just don't expect anyone to take his candidacy seriously. Like Meeks he is too far to the right for Chicago.

I personally don't think Rahmbo will do all that well vote wise. He'll have the cash necessary, but I really wonder how large the constituency is for 9 fingered assholes in Chicago.

A man has do know his limitations. I wouldn't run for Mayor because as a woman told me in a bar the other day I'm rather intimidating with my near crew cut and physical size. That and my lack of a sparkling glad hander personality might mitigate my dreams of Domination over Chicago.

I'm more glaring sandpaper than self promoting pol.

It's truly a loss for our fine city.

I figured I'd get a rise outta ya with my CapFax comment.

You didn't disappoint.


pathickey said...


God bless you for service, Old Top! This Old boy is as Yellow as a Duck's foot.

Bidgey is a great kid and if she is as tough as her Old Man, hold the phone.

Bob Tyrrell will announce in early October.

I'll have to hear what he has to say and see how he works the crowd.
If he works one tenth as hard as Pat Quinn he might do some good for himself. Smart guy, but there are tons of smart guys out there.

The real heroes are the Ward level public servants and foot soldiers.

Pal, you make sound sense here -

"A man has do know his limitations. I wouldn't run for Mayor because as a woman told me in a bar the other day I'm rather intimidating with my near crew cut and physical size. That and my lack of a sparkling glad hander personality might mitigate my dreams of Domination over Chicago."

Whoever becomes the next Mayor will either be a one term Cincinatus/Oliver Cromwell ass-kicker, or a Happy Hooligan mope who will screw the pooch until the dog runs off.

I did get a fabulous giggle, Pal!