Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Which 1st Lady Probably Has Eaten at Illinois Bar & Grill? Come on!

Ist Ladies of Spain, France and USA
Ist Burger USA

Dude One "Oh dang. Did you see that chick that just walked past?"
Dude Two "Yeah bro, sure did. She's a totally cheeseburger." from the Urban Dictionary
Indeed? Rather . . . Urbane translation - E'Gad, Sir! Well, they were likely big wenches, certainly, and they bounced along very jolly, but when I watch a wobbling buttock I prefer it to be unobscured by a dangling skull. And I’m no hand with women who look as though they’d rather kill and eat me than grapple in the grass.Flash For Freedom!, p.76, Pan edition, 8th printing, 1980.

With all due deference to our 1st Lady's Charter to eliminate choice in gustation, I hurl defiance in defense of Choice! I say, there ain't nothing in this breathing world that is anything like a . . .( no, Not Dame!) cheeseburger with the works at Illinois Bar and Grill!

Take a gander at the ground round and the trimmings above in the photo - No, not the one of the three wives of State - the one on the hefty paper plate.

Illinois Bar and Grill is working man's chow in a working man's neighborhood -Chicago's Archer Heights and home to Polish and Mexican Americans who know the business end of the shovel and the fork.

Illinois Bar and Grill
4135 W 47th St
(between Kedvale Ave & Keeler Ave)
Chicago, IL 60632
Neighborhood: Archer Heights

(773) 847-2525

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