Friday, September 10, 2010

Ass -In Two Parts: Terry Rauf the American Anus!

Imam Pastor Terry Rauf -The Perfect Ass! An Autre Ass !

Don't be deceived because people know what a matzo ball is and you can check into fancy hotels now. Ostracizing the outsider because he's different and someone who belongs to his faith once did a bad thing can still work against Jews, too.
Neil Steinberg!

I shot Kean Coffee through my nose when I read Chicago Sun Times practiced hypocrite Neil Steinberg prosing about breaking bread with autre people - when, in fact, Neil dined with me and autre South Side helots with buon gusto and in no time at all called his lunch mates racists and anti-semite Aryan Nation goons on the pages of the Sun Times. Neil was JOKING!

I remembered what my sainted Pappy always told me -"Goof, an ass always has two parts." Hypocrites have two faces - the one they pose to you and the one they tell everyone else what they really think of you. Neil Steinberg believes that everyone in the 19th Ward is racist and candidate for the Aryan Brotherhood, but would not put him off of his lunch on another man's dime - of course.

Thus, in all matters where hypocrisy must out - politics, religion and journalism - the Ass dominates - face front; both ways.

Consider Re. Terry Jones and Imam Rauf - what being an ASS is all about.

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