Wednesday, September 01, 2010

MSNBC - Promotes Pogrom Preacher Al Sharpton

MSNBC is all over Glenn Beck like a cheap-suit. Howver, MSNBC provides the leader of two anti-Jewish Pogroms that killed Yankel Rosenbaum in Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklynn - Crown Heights Al Sharpton. Pastor Hagee has yet to kill a Catholic. Crown Heights Al has the street cred for MSNBC's Rock Solid Hypocrisy!

Al Sharpton is a professional bigot. During his long career the Reverend has incited two anti-Semitic pogroms; the Crown Heights riot and the firebombing of the Jewish-owned Freddy’a Fashion Mart in Harlem. Each of the Sharpton-incited pogroms resulted in deaths, but now for some unknown reason Reverend Al believes he is the caretaker of religious tolerance in the country, as well as the protector of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy of peaceful protest.

Sharpton's bigotry and hypocrisy has been front and center recently as on one hand he campaigned for what he saw was the First Amendment rights of Muslims who want to build a Mosque 500 feet from the ground zero footprint, but on the other hand, he bashed Glenn Beck for organizing a religion-themed rally from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Reverend King’s “I have a dream speech.”
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Boycott MSNBC -all they understand is a buck.

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