Saturday, September 25, 2010

Race for Mayor Is Going to Be Ugly - Really Ugly

Michael Sneed got a scoop of WHUP Ass for her Friday Column - the word that Terry Peterson will be Rahm Emanuel's Campaign Manager. Terry Petersen ran Mayor Daley's recent wildly successful stomping of candidates. I imagine that it knocked Tom Dart back on his pins a bit, but Dart is a smart tough guy, from tough stock and training.

Tom Dart worked under the only person that I can think of who did not make any money in public service - former Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan. Michael Sheahan was one of the very first recipients of the Axelrod/Emanuel school of Policy assault. They barely ruffled his whiskers, but since Sheahan retired they have honed their craft on Republicans, recalcitrant Blue Dog Democrats, House Speaker Mike Madigan and Ohio Plumbers.

The signing of Terry Peterson is a coup. Mayor Daley is sitting this one out? I think not.

Tom Dart had a great mentor in Mike Sheahan. He'll stand the blows, but they will shower down like rains of this past summer. Michael Sheahan stuck his neck out and helped Mayor Daley get elected as Cook County States Attorney and as Mayor.

Mayor Daley has hosted the National Democratic Convention, made Chicago look like Paris and act like Somalia, placed his close aides in positions of national power ( David Wilhelm, Bill Daley, David Pouffe, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarret, Desiree Rogers, Arne Duncan and most importantly David Axelrod), brokered the ascent of President Barack Obama, and has retired.

Retired but obviously not out of game. Mayor Daley represents the triumph of Policy over Politics. I believe that Richard M. Daley eschewed Ward level politics for Policy in order to distance himself and his works from the people of Chicago.

I can not remember the last time Mayor Richard M. Daley set foot in the 19th Ward - one of the last powerful Wards along with the 47th, 11th, 13th, and the decimated 10th. These were the Politics Wards that gave Richard M. Daley the 5th floor.

All other Wards are mere geographic delineations of racial and ethnic boundaries, or centers of tourism. They are Policy Wards.

Policy Wards require State and Federal tax-dollars. They operate by dint of media propaganda and rallies of angry folks. Policy uses anger. Politics uses obligation.

Obligation is much more difficult, rather inconvenient.

For all of the mythology about the power of these Politics Wards ( 11th, 19th, 13th, 47th and the decimated 10th), they are little more than minor baronies of public service, until an election requires foot soldiers.

These Wards made Rahm Emanuel and Congressman, Mike Quigley a Commissioner and managed to keep County Government moving despite the daffy meanderings of Todd Stroger.

Like Mayor Daley, Rahm Emanuel does not to set foot in a Ward. He will operate out of treasury and via NPR, WTTW,Columnists, Chicago Magazine, Oprah, the BGA already stocked with Andy Shaw,SEIU National and Illinois, UNITE, home and away and our transient Agenda voters.

Unlike Mayor Daley, Rahm Emanuel will need Post-Shakman door bell ringers, shoulder punchers and back slappers, palm card hustlers and therefore is no doubt worming into the ears of Committeemen and disaffected, frightened non-Shakman City Workers. Mayor Daley retained Politics and political operatives for elections.

Terry Petersen is the key and, to my way of thinking, Daley's endorsement of Rahm Emanuel for a continuation of Government via Policy. CAPS trumps Cops, Wrought Iron and planters over snowplows and garbage trucks, Pritzker Pavillions over safe streets.

Tourists love the look of Chicago, until they leave a Bucktown bar at 2 A.M. and then it is the cops fault.

CPS pays for a day of Wilco tunes at Soldier Field and black males drop out of school.

Side Streets remain buried under snow and Pam Zekman is worried that there might be some guy who spent the previous 72 hours plowing main streets and ramps to the Dan Ryan catching a few winks in his truck! CBS Exclusive -wasted dollars! Over time robbers!

Let's Policy Up! Oh, let's do!

Well Policy it will be. Will Daley back Rahm?

But Daley has said publicly he will not support anybody, and I have been assured by those close to Daley that he will not change his mind.

Rose believes this is naive thinking for a race taking place in Chicago.

"Rahm is really looking to Daley to give him serious help," Rose said. "When Rahm won his congressional seat the first time, he did it with Daley's army. Daley says he's going to stay out of it, but what is important is not what Daley says, but what Daley does.

"Daley is Rahm's primary key, and Obama is Rahm's runoff key."

That is from MSNBC, POLITICO's jowely Roger Simon trotted out, no doubt, by Dave Axelrod. Posted by the always compliant Policy Drips of the Sun Times Editorial Board. If it bleeds it leads and if it concerns a cop send the cop to prison. Simple. Policy.

Daley chose Rahm. The Washington Boys, Rahm and Comb-Over Dave Axelrod will not and do not need to meet the Bushas at Bobaks, or glad hand the Gonzales Brothers at HopLeaf, or nail a few Pierogi and Cod with the Dumbrowski Brothers at Club 81 in Hegewisch, or spoon pasta with Nello and the helots of the 19th Ward. They will send e-mails, Twitters and winks out to the editorial boards, icon columnists, University think-tankers, and Coalitions Aplenty about Mike Madigan, Lisa Madigan, Tom Dart, Pat Quinn, Cardinal George, Tyra Banks, Eddie Money, Spoons Lanigan, or Lester Balick's smelly dog and destroy them!

Nothing personal; it's Policy.

It's Ugly - as ugly as a bathtub full of eels.

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