Thursday, September 02, 2010

MacArthur Foundation Funded Carney Directs Chicago Gang Summit

David Kennedy* -- the New York professor behind a nearly 15-year-old law enforcement strategy of warning gang leaders to put their guns down or else -- said he expects Chicago will see a dramatic decrease in killings after launching a pilot program here.

It has been done in about 60 jurisdictions across the country, including Cincinnati, where murders are down about 40 percent since 2007, Kennedy said.

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David Kennedy, a New York professor, expects a large decrease in killings here because of the strategy Chicago is trying against gangs.

"Hey Rube! I'm the Butcher here. . .just kidding! Look . . . The Kitty from the Mac was a Gusher! It's almost to the point in the crime control business that if The Mark [Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis] were not to do it, it would be borderline irresponsible, every Splinter Head besides me would be on this Hammer-Squash (Weis and Daley) MacArtie Gaffed the Job! " Kennedy said.

"What we would like to see, after this Bally bone-rush in Chicago is what we've seen everywhere else where it's done well, which is a very large and sustained crime reduction, - the Key to Midway Rubes!" he said.

Kennedy, director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and Flash Carry Amusements and Novelties ( Tilta-Whirl and Zipper) is an adviser for the Chicago program along with two former Chicagoans, Andrew Papachristos, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, and Tracey Meares, deputy dean of the Yale Law School. The MacArthur Foundation is funding it.
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