Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Jonathan Alter AGAIN Proves He Knows Knothing About Chicago Politics

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek, MSNBC and The Barack Obama Cheerleading Squad, like most Progressives, understands zip, ziltch, nada about politics. I wet my strides reading his idiotic piece on Daley's Sunset. I also, received e-mails from folks in the know who also had mositened their pantaloons. A Smart Chicago Lawyer who also read Alter's nonsense noted -

What a pompous moron!

Alter's mom served on the Sanitary District Board -- three quarters of the population of Cook County did not even know her name.

Emanuel is not a native Chicagoan. He lived on the North Shore in New Trier Township. He had to move to Chicago when he wanted to run for Congress because he did not have the stones to challenge (drum roll) Mark Kirk. After being foisted upon the 5th District, succeeding his former friend Rod Blagojevich, most of his precinct organization from the City Water Department were sent to prison for campaigning on the government's dime.

Next to MSNBC Masterclown Chris Matthews, of course the nebbish Alter seems like Jake Arvey; however, the Lakeview Democrat, like most Hyde Parkers or Lakeshore Progressives would not know how to pull two voters together with two teams of oxen guided by two drovers with a hangover.

Jonathan Knows KNOW-thing. Cliffs Notes are the Progressives library.

Get this Drip's insight into the Daley Fallout ! This clown probably thinks that Bobaks is a pizza.

With Daley’s decision to retire at the end of his term, the path is cleared for Emanuel to resign as chief of staff after the midterms and move his family back to Chicago. It’s not 100 percent certain that he’ll do so, but the odds favor it. Whether he wins or not is a different question. As a native Chicagoan with roots in local politics (my mother was a politician there in the 1970s and ‘80s), I’m excited to watch this one unfold.

The handicapping is already underway, with Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. currently favored by some analysts, mostly because there doesn’t seem to be another prominent African-American candidate to split the large black vote in Chicago. ( who, Bubbie? Jimmy the Two-Headed Boy? Jonny Boy - Jesse Junior is going through the bLago Buzz-saw still playing at the FED. Wake Up, Son!)

But there are a bunch of other candidates who might make a race more complicated. Jim Houlihan, the Cook County Assessor, and Tom Dart, the Cook County Sheriff, could get in. I’ve known Houlihan for nearly 40 years and he is smart, charming and (important to note, especially in Chicago) totally honest. David Hoffman, a corruption-fighting former inspector general who ran a spirited if unsuccessful campaign for Senate this year, is another possibility. It’s also possible that several local politicians who have said they aren’t interested will change their minds. ( Only Dart has a Base of Support, Junior.)

But Emanuel would be formidable too. He was elected to the House in 2002 with no prior experience in elective office. He had Daley’s support but it was still a bruising campaign that tested Rahm’s ability to translate his experience as a hard-charging White House aide into street-level campaigning. Chicago’s ethnic stew no longer votes exclusively along tribal lines, so his being Jewish isn’t the handicap some critics suggest.
( emphases my own)

There! Now, you have done it Jonathan, I wet my britches! Please . . .there it goes again! Why Lord did you make laughter so kidney challenging?

Oh, Hell No, Son! Rahm-a Lama- Dang- Dong shouts in phones. His 2002 Congressional Bid was Daley asking Skinny Sheahan to help Rahm. Jonathan Alter would not know Skinny Sheahan if Skinny was standing on his chest. The Polish Bushas would make mince-meat of Rahm; let alone a Hall full of Teamsters and Operating Engineers.

Stick to the Sierra Club, Sweetheart.

Here is how things will shake out by February - Terry Peterson will emerge as the Candidate and eventual Mayor.

1. Terry Peterson

2. Tom Dart

3. Doc Walls ( in it because it is an election)

That Jonathan is the final field.

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