Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sun Times's Steve Huntley Calls Out the Radicals Who Crafted "Islamaphobia"

American Progressives ( Saul Alinsky said, Use Progressive rather than Socialist) get their thoughts and opinions from the Shape-shifters. Talking points! Hot buttons! Hardballs! Soft brains.

The Shape-shifters employ the intelectual constructs developed by John Dewey who cut-and-pasted his thoughts from Hegel.

Choice means killing an unwanted child
Torture is only committed by Americans, their allies and Chicago Police
Racism means Whitey is bad
Whitey can be a Jew, a Catholic, an Asian, or a Black Supreme Court Justice
Woman can not be a homemaker who does not cotton to the idea of killing her
Fairness means only what is crafted by MSNBC, CBS,ABC,NYT, or NPR

Americans do not hate Muslims. Americans are not afraid of Muslims. Muslims are not Islamist Scumbags.

Imam Rauf and his Dragon Lady Burka-less wife Daisy sure look and smell like Islamist Thugs as do the whole Cordoba House crowd.

Chicago Sun Times Steve Huntley calls out the radical dopes and ninnies.

Well done, Steve!

There is no dispute that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has a constitutional right to build a mosque at the Lower Manhattan location. Still, he displayed an extraordinarily tin ear to the tenor of the nation in not realizing that strong objections were bound to arise to locating it so near ground Americans consider hallowed. His rationale for staying the course is that relocation would strengthen radicalism, fuel terrorism and put Americans "under attack in the Muslim world."

First, fear of violence from the Muslim street keeps the Danish cartoons out of a book about the Danish cartoons. And President Obama cites Muslim opinion as a reason to close the Guantanamo detention center. Now Rauf warns us -- it's not a threat, he insists, but a warning -- that it's his way on the mosque or America faces new trouble. If that reasoning prevails, what will be the next national decision dictated by intimidation from our Islamist enemy?

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