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SEIU's Jan Schakowsky Must Be Scared to Death of Joel Pollak

South side scion and the pride of Morton Grove, John Ruberry - The Marathon Pundit -posted a stunning story about the ACORN/SEIU leash that locks some Democrats - notably Illinois Congress-critter Jan Schakowsky.

Joel Pollak, a sharp and honest young guy, is running to unseat the daffy Schakowsky, most noted for her convicted felon Grassroot opportunist hubby Bob Creamer who operated Camp Obama in 2008, after he spent a few semesters in Terra Haute Federal Prison for check kiting. Jan is also frequent howler on the irrelevant cable Progressive cheer leading MSNBC. Other than that, Jan Schakowsky votes in Congress to eliminate the American middle class.

It appears that Schakowsky called on the Purple Gang of Illinois SEIU to disrupt a Pollak fund raiser -

During the luncheon, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, endorsed Pollak, the GOP candidate for Congress in my district, Illinois' 9th. Ryan, who represents a southeastern Wisconsin district, is the author of the Roadmap for America's Future. Ryan says social security is going bankrupt, and I don't think a single sane person disagrees with him. Too few workers will be funding too many retirees--it's a numbers game. Ryan that workers under 55 be given the opportunity to invest one-third of their social security taxes into personal retirement accounts. The protesters, most of whom are over 55, were waving signs "Hands off My Social Security." Ryan's plan won't effect them, and besides, he wants to strengthen social security.

There were about 50 protesters.

Initially it was believed that was organizing the rally, but this was a Service Employee International Union operation, I believe. Although with these leftists, it's hard to tell where one group ends and another begins. Which brings me to the picture on the upper left. The man in the blue sport coat is Keith Kelleher, a longtime SEIU organizer. For years he was the head organizer of SEIU Local #880, which was started by the disgraced community organizing group ACORN--the serial voter registration fraudsters. Kelleher once claimed he was "a field organizer, lead organizer and head organizer for ACORN."
Here's what Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL), the GOP candidate for the US Senate in Illinois, wrote last fall about this two-headed monster:

SEIU Local 880, which until recently boasted it was founded by ACORN, used an ACORN e-mail address on its Web site and tax filings, was co-located with an ACORN "tax center" and employed the former president of ACORN Illinois, according to official records. Recently, the IRS terminated is relationship with ACORN tax preparation offices.
Local #880 is now SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana, Kelleher is still in charge.

Whose "roadmap" would you believe in? Ryan's? Or a gaggle led by a former ACORN organizer?

On the lower left is John Gaudette, who is the organizing director for Citizen Action/Illinois. If he looks familiar, it's because he was the astroturfer shown on Fox News last summer coaching attendees to chant "Health Care Now" at a Jan Schakowsky townhall at near my home at Niles West High School. Robert Creamer, the husband of Pollak's opponent, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, was caught kiting checks while serving as executive director of this organization. He spent five months in prison for fraud and tax evasion for his avionics.

Yikes! Democrats, this is your party.

Gaudette must have liked the way I looked, he took about a dozen pictures of me. I took only two of him. Perhaps he was trying to intimidate me, which isn't easy, although a rattlesnake in Utah succeeded.

I spoke with some of the protesters, who (surprise!) knew nothing about the Roadmap for America's Future, other than Ryan wants to privatize it, which is a colossal distortion.

Once again, Ryan wants to strengthen social security.

What I witnessed this afternoon could be a preview of the Democrats' counterattack against the GOP this fall. Using imaginary assaults on social security to scare voters hasn't worked for them before. But it could be the only thing they can come up with this year. If that's the case, the Dems are in a worse predicament than I thought.

Coming in November: The Great Correction.

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SEIU goons fail to disrupt Joel Pollak fundraiser

Jan and Bob Creamer must be more than a tad nervous in the service of SEIU. Purple is the new Red.

The more Democrats cling to the Marxists and the goofs, the more Democrats will take other ballots.

Wake up, kids, that coffee is a boiling!

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