Monday, September 13, 2010

Chicago Demands a New Mayor . . . From Same Crowd of Geniuses. Bob Tyrrell would Oftset That Circumstance

Comfort trumps political rhetoric and records, especially here in Chicago.

Luis Gutierrez? The only place on earth where this smarmy dope is not laughed off the planet is MSNBC.

Bob Fioretti? The South Loop living ambulance chaser who thinks that the Fort Dearborn Masscare needed tweaking? The Fort Dearborn al fresco Diversity Conference!

Blah, blah, blah.

The next Chicago Mayor will be either Oliver Cromwell ( someone takeout a Cliffs Notes for the Progressives and explain the Lor' Protector's Commonwealth modus operandi following the collapse of Charles I Stuart's reign)or Happy Hooligan.

If you thought Harold Washington's slap dash Administration or the post-Harold Mell-an-oma was goofy, just wait.

Yesterday, I posted that Bob Tyrrell, founder and editor-in-chief of The American Spectator, had voiced interest in running for Mayor.

A sharp and very seasoned political operative offered this via e-mail -

This is silliness. . . .First, the residency requirement.

Second, even if that could be successfully challenged which I doubt, does anyone believe someone gone for so long could come back and be taken seriously in a city as parochial as Chicago. The suggestion shows how long Tyrrell has been gone.

Third, this would be worse than an implausible answer to the opportunity for a center-right mayoral candidate, it would be counterproductive.

If Tyrrell and his well-heeled friends were serious about aiding the local effort, they would be looking locally.

The Tyrrell idea is self-indulgent nonsense.

Unlike the GOP running Crazy-eyes Al Keyes? Unlike Brendan "I Beat Burt" Reilly? Unlike Jesse and Sandy? Unlike Ed Burke? Unlike Wrong Way on Kedzie Danny K. Davis?
Unlike Tom Dart? Unlike Lisa Madigan? Unlike Mike "Too Tall" Quigley? Valerie Jarrett???? Rahm-a-Lama-Dang-Dong? Billy Corgan???? Billy Dec??? . . . .

. . . excuse me . . .Dorothy Brown? Maori Exile Carol Mosley Braun??????????

Self-indulgence? Chicago could stand some genuine self indulgence and ignore the present field of self-serving acolytes.

Bob Tyrrell! Come on Down! Indulge, Son! Indulge up a storm!

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