Saturday, September 25, 2010

Terror Web Includes "Peace" Activist and SEIU?

Glover gets Cuffed and Andy Stern Cheers -It's How SEIU Rolls, Brothers and Sisters!

SEIU is a PAC. It operates by loading its coffers from the dues of no skill and under skilled people who will remain life-long members of the Tax Dependancy Agenda.
SEIU gets its power through its web of associations with radical leftists cause agenda groups - be they Full Amnesty immigration,anti-Israel Palestinian Activists, LGBTQ Same Sex Marriage, America's Abortion Happy Dowagers, anti-Military Everything, anti-Religion, Pro Terrorist, or Anarchist.

The F.B.I. is investigating a terrorist web and strands of that web include self-proclaimed "Peace" activists and even an SEIU leader.

In Jefferson Park, neighbors saw FBI agents carrying boxes from the apartment of community activist Hatem Abudayyeh, executive director of the Arab American Action Network. In addition, Chicago activist Thomas Burke said he was served a grand jury subpoena that requested records of any payments to Abudayyeh or his group.

"The warrants are seeking evidence in support of an ongoing Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation into activities concerning the material support of terrorism," said Steve Warfield, spokesman for the FBI in Minneapolis, where six additional homes were searched Friday.

Warfield said no arrests had been made and that there was no "imminent danger" to the public.

Ross Rice, an FBI spokesman in Chicago, gave the two Chicago blocks where agents had searched homes Friday, but he declined to name the targets.

Melinda Power, an attorney for Weiner and Iosbaker and a longtime friend, said agents took about 30 boxes of papers dating to the 1970s, including a postcard from an old girlfriend of Iosbaker's.

"They said they would determine what was evidence later," Power said.

Weiner, who said she and her husband for years have been active in labor causes and the anti-war movement, complained the search was an attempt to intimidate her and other activists.

"We aren't doing anything differently than we have in 20 years," said Weiner, a teacher at Wilbur Wright College. Iosbaker is a staff member at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a union steward for Service Employees International Union Local 73.
(emphasis my own)

Progress Illinois of SEIU protests this Federal investigation by stating that the F.B.I. is targeting Anti-War Activists.
FBI Raids In Chicago Targeting Anti-War Activists?

Details are still sketchy, but the Associated Press says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has raided two homes in Chicago and six in Minneapolis on terrorism-related charges. But activists in Minneapolis say the FBI is targeting anti-war protestors. One woman in Minneapolis whose home was raided served as a leader in protesting the Republican National Convention two years ago, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

Less than Truthy, kids. The F.B.I. is targeting Terrorists. Is SEIU pro-Terror?

Labor for Palestine -

The One Nation, Working Together get out the vote movement is led by United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), which started as an anti-war group, but has expanded its scope into promoting social justice, globalization, the plight of the Palestinian people against the “Apartheid policies of the government of Israel,” justice for the Iraqi people against the U.S. politicians who committed war crimes, and advocating the opinion that there is nothing more evil than American multi-national corporations.
“UFPJ will seek to strengthen our alliances and working relationships with other forces in the antiwar movement, as well as the movements for global economic, environmental and social justice. Our international work will be based on respect for the sovereignty of other nations and a commitment to human rights and international law. We will support and seek cooperation with our sister organizations around the world, and we will act in solidarity with progressive groups and individuals within the United States and the nations occupied by U.S. forces.”
The UFPJ’s Steering Committee is composed of people from Marxist, progressive, or communist groups including Code Pink, Institute of Policy Studies, Western States Legal Foundation, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, Communist Party USA, Alliance for Community Trainers, American Friends Service Committee, Brooklyn For Peace, National Immigration Solidarity Network, Desis Rising Up and Moving, and US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation just to name a few. At least two of the groups, Solidarity and US Campaign to End The Israeli Occupation, also have a history of anti-Semitic activity.
The misreporting of the October 2 rally is not a matter of bias; it was caused by pure laziness. The assigned reporters read the press released and saw the possibility of a “food fight” between unions and tea parties and/or Glenn Beck. The October 2 rally has been is created and is being executed by organizations much more nefarious than simply counter-protesting a Glenn Beck or a Tea Party rally. Simple reporting would have enabled these news organizations to report the real story.
But that would be too much to ask.


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It's gotta be bad if Holder had to move on 'em... I feel a big story coming.

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It might even make Chicago's supine editorial boards ( the clebrated tribe of Medill ninnies, disc jockies and real estate dabblers) actually do some original thinking. Oh, what I am I thinking . . .sorry, that was silly.