Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sun Times Editorial Board Hacks Insult All Cops

Today's oily and pusillanimous editorial from the Chicago Sun Times Board, the one that probably invited Jody Weiss to whine the other day, is the hallmark of hypocrisy.

For their part, the police union and rank and file officers need to show they don't want "business as usual" and are determined to gain the respect of citizens still terrified by the years of police torture under recently convicted former Police Cmdr. Jon Burge.

Really. What a Police Leader should do is shout "Follow" instead of "Go!"

A Real Cop at the Top - not a smarmy sneak like our past Superintendent who cashed in his Department for smooches from Lawsuit Lawyers and University Think tanks - would have given the Press, the TV Icons, The Patch Elbowed Tweed Dweeb Academics, the One-Note Samba Hush Tone Hacks, and the Gutless Politicians any opportunity to undermine Police Review, Internal Affairs, Chain of Command or Unit Integrity for the sake of Policy and Politics.

A Real Cop at the Top would have given one and all a hearty 'Krump You!' in honor of the beat cop from West Side Story and backed up the heroic men and women who Follow His Lead.

This same Top Cop would give abusive, incompetent, cowardly and corrupt officers a "Tune-up" and exit from public service that would make Jon Burge seem like a member of the MacArthur Center for Justice.

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