Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jesse Junior - Never Eats at a Place Called Mom's and He Should - The Political Perils of Pretty Pie Ploppers! Caveat Junior!

Boy, Howdy! What a tough morning for three striving African Americans on the rise.

One disc jockey comedian got the Feds to make a Bridgeport couple sign over their home to him. ( Chicago Tribune)

One African American restaurateur with several listings who ran against Toni Preckwinkle beefed to Mary Mitchell that he is being required to bring his clubs and restaurants 'Up to Code!' Jeesh, and in this our post racial America. Well, thank W.E.B Dubois ( The God of the Talented Ten Percent) that Eric Holder ( a Ten Percenter) has his delicate hands on the Justice throttle - for now.

Lastly, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. who challenged the Feds to "bring it (whatever it is) on,' only this weekend has "it" (whatever "it" is) all over the front page of the Sun Times - brought to you by the wonderful Natasha Korecki, as well as Chris Fusco and Lynn Sweet. Now that is one tough tag-team.

Stemming from the Blago fall-out and the Indian American ( not American Indian mind you) fund raising connection, Junior is confronted with his acquaintance to a Washington D.C. hostess - not the usual hash-slinger, mind you.

The FBI interviewed that acquaintance -- a Washington, D.C., restaurant hostess named Giovana Huidobro -- about a year ago as part of its corruption probe of Blagojevich. Authorities were trying to determine whether Jackson had asked Nayak to offer Blagojevich campaign cash in exchange for the then-governor appointing Jackson to the seat once held by President Obama, according to sources with knowledge of the probe.

Huidobro, Jackson and Nayak all dined together on Oct. 8, 2008 -- the same day that Nayak has told authorities he had a key conversation with Jackson about the Senate appointment, sources said. The three then ended up at Ozio, the restaurant and club where Huidobro works and where Jackson has held fund-raisers.

Huidobro told authorities she knew nothing of Jackson's political dealings regarding the Senate seat, according to sources. She also said she flew to Chicago on several occasions at Jackson's request and that Jackson sometimes reimbursed her for her travels.

Nayak told the FBI that he paid for two airline trips for Huidobro from Washington to Chicago in 2008.

Through a spokesman, Jackson declined to comment for this story.

Jackson does not appear to have reported the flights for Huidobro as a gift on his House financial-disclosure statement, and it's unclear whether he violated any ethics or fund-raising laws by not doing so.

He was once considered a potential presidential candidate and now is discussing a bid to succeed Mayor Daley. His wife, Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th), also has been mentioned as a possible mayoral candidate, though she downplayed her chances of running during a jobs rally she attended Monday.

In a radio interview about the mayor's race last week, Jackson challenged federal prosecutors to "bring it on" if they have evidence he was a conspirator in Blagojevich's corruption case.

I too am acquainted with beautiful women and all but one are acquaintances - the exquisite beauty with whom I am seen in public is a stunner - a diminuitive cross between Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Jones. Whenever she sings jazz or liturgical choral, she has a wake of ardent gentleman suitors following her tiny steps. I can only believe that this good woman is working off a priori time-served in Purgatory. Most folks agree with my assessment. The balance of beautiful women are also talented Artists ( Cathy O'Connell,Laura Amend, Amanda Crumley, Mary Houlihan), Activists (Jamillah Ali-Joyce, Susan Jordan Mary Beth Sheahan), Media Persons (Mary Ann Ahern, Tamara Holder), Morgan Park Moms ( about 8,000 of them), Coaches (Katie Schumacher), Philanthropists ( Patti Bidwill, Mary Ann Roti, Peggy Blandford).

I am and can be as shallow as MSNBC, but I am also by choice, training and inclination completely monogamous.

Nevertheless, Congressman Jackson has more than his foot in "it" -whaterever it is - it seems.

Why is it that politicians and powerful Don Drappers in Big -Bucko-Industries & Services never seem to have acquaintances that happen to be large . . .substantial women . . .gals who like to polish off a hectar of popcorn at the CinePlex after a dinner consisting of a porterhouse the Size of USS Ronald Reagan, a Tsunami of Mojitas and a wedge of Milky Way Chocolate Cheesecake that could hold up a brick wall. You know, BIG . . . Good Hearted Gals?

Or, why not a girl with a set of choppers that could bite a pig's fanny through a picket fence?

Or, a Hostess who bears a striking resemblance to Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winning actor Randy Quaid?

Looks are shallow. There is so much more to the magnificent human heart. I am as ugly as a bald dog, but not as bad as a Congressman on holiday.

Next Time, Congressman Jackson, get your tucker at Blues Cafe or Slater's Biscuits and Gravy Wagon in Kankakee, IL.

Steer clear of the flashy and fork up the substantial portions at modest prices and avoid a Giovanna ( nice girl and easy on the eyes) and get a acquainted with Gert, or Mom.


Bill Baar said...

Guy really stepped in it this time...

Anonymous said...

More racist rantings from the Auburn Gresham white flight guy.

pathickey said...

Of course, Precious. Thanks for dropping by and dripping that honey all over the linoleum.

Tamara N. Holder said...

1. I want that hot lady 's shirt. Seriously, it is amazing. I need to wear that on Fox.

2. Thank you for the props. So sweet of you.

3. I don't agree with you much but your acquaintance is definitely a stunner. She is a hottie fo sho!

4. Can you please elaborate? Where was the foot placed?

pathickey said...

"it" - It ( whatever 'It" is) is where JJJ placed his foot(feet) metaphorical and literal.

I really thought JJJ was smart.

I am a dope.

Tamara N. Holder said...

Innocent until proven guilty, whether it's a crime or infidelity.

That said, and you have heard me say this before, 99% of men cheat. You are in the 1% who don't but otherwise forget about it. Yeah, I said it on the public domain.

pathickey said...

Not in my Hood, Tamara!

As one poet put it . . .
The Irish are like Swans. . .they mate for life . . .angry, violent, loud, drunken Swans.

Tamara N. Holder said...

Back to the shirt...because I'm right in regard to the other issue...I need that shirt.