Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosque Que Nada -Sergio Obama and Donna Brazile '66

" Hi, This Sergio Obama!
MOSQUE Sh'Mosque! This is a Mosque Distraction* in the Summer of Recovery! Let's pump up some sub-Norte rhythms and let fly a Brazilian ( got that number of GW Bush as well as all my Sorrows, Lord) good feelings! On eight! I mean on Oito! Mosque Que Nada!!!! Speaking of Nada . . .One count out of twenty-four (24) on my pal Blago? Unprecedented! Break it!"

1 = um

2 = dois

3 = treiz

4 = cuatro

Not Yet!!!!
5 = cinco

6 = seiz

7 = sete (se-chi)

8 = oito

Mas Que Nada

O ari rai, O?
(Ohh, ahh ree AHH rye oh?)

Ob, Ob, Ob,
(Oh bahh, Oh bahh, Oh bahh)

O (o, o, o, o,) ari rai, O?
(Ohh, wohh--ohh--ohh-ohh-ohh, ahh ree AHH rye ohh?)

Ob, Ob, Ob...
(Oh bahh, Oh bahh, Oh bahh)

Chorus 1:

Mas que nada
(Mahsh kay nahdah)

Sai da minha frente eu quero passar
(Sigh dah minya frenche cue kay roo pahsah-hah)

Pois o samba est animado
(Poyss oo sahm-bah eshta-ani-mah-doo)

O que eu quero sambar
(Oo cue kay-roo ay sam-bar)

Este samba que misto de maracatu
(Eshte sahmbah kay mishto dje marah cah too)

samba de preto velho
(E sambah dje prehtoo vay-oo)

Samba de preto tu
(Sambah dje prehtoo doo)

Chorus 2:

Mas que nada
(Mahsh kay nahdah)

Um samba como esse do legal
(Oom sahmbah kohmoh esh-tay doh leh-gahl)

Voc no vai querer
(Voh-say nah vigh keh-rehr)

Que eu chegue no final
(Kay oo sheh-gee noo fee-nahl)

* In Brazilian Portuguese slang, mas que nada (literally, "but, that [is] nothing") means "come on" or "no way". This is sometimes confused with the Latin-American Spanish más que nada (literally "better than nothing"), meaning "mainly" or "principally"; though in more literary Spanish, "mas que nada" (note the omission of the accent, which changes "más" (more) to "mas" (but)) would have the same literal meaning as the Portuguese.

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