Monday, August 02, 2010

Bill Brady Sounds Like a Good Guy - Democrats Will Vote Him.

Chicago Sun Times reporter Abdon Pallasch wrote a pretty decent feature on the Republican candidate for Governor.

I am for Governor Pat Quinn - he is a good guy, but Pat Quinn believes in the Easter Bunny, in Ralph Martire Pie Charts for More Taxes, that Dr. Quentin Young is not a Red, that there are fifty million GLBTQ Votes in Illinois, Planned Parenthood does some good,
and that playing ball with Progressives never lands a knife in a good guy's back.

Pat Quinn has my vote right now.

However, Bill Brady has all of the right enemies for my tastes - Planned Parenthood -GLBTQ Agenda Clowns - Ralph Martire & etc.

Pat Quinn as I mentioned is a good-hearted guy. He is no Forrest Claypool. Pat Quinn will remember a friend and stand-up for the same.

Bill Brady appears to be a good guy.

"Bloomington is a very conservative area," Snyder says. "It's a white-collar community. You have the two universities -- Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan -- and you have State Farm." Bloomington is a company town -- both Bill and Nancy interned at State Farm.

"You don't win as a Democrat in this area," Snyder says. "My politics are a little bit different than Bill's. But I'll vote for Bill -- though I think he'll have a tough time of it."

Native son Adlai Stevenson lost his home precinct running for president as a Democrat, Brady says.

"It's a wonderful place to raise a family," Nancy says. "We don't have the Chicago night life. We do have indoor plumbing."
Bill Brady's wife, Nancy, is clever, funny and smart woman. Paul Vallas was so blessed - Sharon Vallas might have been Paul's superior out on the hustings. Paul would charm the pants off a single dusty geek of a college professor and Sharon would delight thousands of regular guy and gal voters. It seems to me if you want to know the candidate, look at the girl who married him. Thus - Blago and Patti.

Bill Brady married well and that speaks volumes to me. Bill Brady needs to attract smart Chicagoans (Democrats and Republicans -Trades Union members) into his camp and to stay well-away from the DuPage GOP Toe Shooters. More importantly, Bill Brady needs to bring Nancy everywhere! If a guy like Bill Brady can knock down a treasure like Nancy, he may do well for the State of Illinois.

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