Friday, August 20, 2010

Governor Quinn and Comb Over Dave Axelrod Quits! Watch Quinn Overtake Brady in Two Weeks

I like Pat Quinn. The only thing keeping Pat Quinn from being a great Governor is his faith in the Easter Bunny, that Pie-Chart Pirate Ralph Martire has not helped loot Illinois more than Blago wanted to do, that Progressives will watch your back ( ask the President), and that Panjandrums like Chris Kennedy, Stan Ikenberry, Sheila Simon, Deb Mell and others matter one damn bit to anyone, other than career glue-sniffers.

Pat Quinn jettisoned AKPD - Comb Over Dave Axelrod's Progressive Sluice gate from the Federal Trough. Axelrod - though no long a partner -makes oodles of dough being socled away for his Post-White House Nest Egg somewhere off of AKPD ( sounds like a Soviet acronym don't it?).
Yet, Comb Over Dave's firm pumps out this example of parsed nonsense about Quinn's toe in their rump -

“We and the Quinn campaign agreed that our divergent approaches to disciplined, professional communications are incompatible. We wish Pat well.”

Not exactly Strunk and White.

Quinn just locked my vote! I was voting for Pat anyway. Rep. Bill Brady is a nice guy, anti abortion and everything, but he is an Illinois GOPer - a moss-back -and will lose.

Watch Quinn soar!

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