Saturday, August 07, 2010

Milwaukee Teachers Union -ED - Not Education, Mind You.

America! These Nuts Are Numb! It appears that these goofs were soft long before the old Johnson went limp.

MADISON, Wis. – With the district in a financial crisis and hundreds of its members facing layoffs, the Milwaukee teachers union is taking a peculiar stand: fighting to get its taxpayer-funded Viagra back.
The union has asked a judge to order the school board to again include Pfizer Inc.'s erectile dysfunction drug and similar pills in its health insurance plans.
The filing is the latest in a two-year legal campaign in which the union has argued, so far unsuccessfully, that the board's policy of excluding erectile dysfunction drugs discriminates against male employees. The union says Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others are necessary treatment for "an exclusively gender-related condition."
But lawyers for the school board say the drugs were excluded in 2005 to save money, and there is no discrimination because they are used primarily for recreational sex and not out of medical necessity.
The filing last month comes as the union, the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association, is also protesting hundreds of layoff notices issued to teachers for the coming school year. Citing a "financial crisis" caused by exploding benefit costs and revenue shortfalls, the district's outgoing superintendent proposed laying off 682 employees in April.
The district gave layoff notices to 482 teachers in June, but recalled 89 of them last month. Additional teachers may be called back, but these are still the first layoffs of Milwaukee teachers in decades.

The Educators are suffering from ED -not Education but Erectile Dysfunction - a neologism invented by the pharmeceutical companies to begger logic, and sound sensibilities.

The jackass media has made a Civil Right out of every vice and proclivity that a spiritually weak and pusillanimous human being can whine.

I taught Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, about a WWI veteran who could raise up little else.

Jake Barnes, Hemingway's protagonist, was rendered impotent by a war wound, tortured-ly loved the beautiful Lady Brett Ashley and manifested his manhood with stoic lyricism and daily prayer in the Cathedrals of Europe. Jake Barnes did not sniff out lawyers for a class action suit - that is Progressive America.

None of the Cheesehead ED-ucators are denied access to Mickey Stiffeneers. Not at all! Nope these Limp Limburgers are just entitlement babies - they don't want to buck up for their Johnson Products out of their own kicks. They want tax-payers to pay for their chemically charged Custard-chuckers. They are Cushy, Limp, Indulgent,Soft, Delicate, Flabby, Subdued, Lenient, Flaccid, Diffused, Impotent, Can't Get It Up Numb Nuts!

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