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Governor Pat Quinn Can Win - Perhaps Bill Brady is Billy Conn; Pat Quinn Should Shed Progressive Goofs for a Joe Louis Punch!

Will Bill Brady or Pat Quinn use this quote from Billy Conn? -
-- "What's the use of being Irish if you can't be dumb?"

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I believe that Governor Pat Quinn can win in November. He is in the political fight of his life with Bill Brady and also with himself.
Here's the numbers now -

Pat Quinn* (D-inc): 30 (30)
Bill Brady (R): 39 (34)
Rich Whitney (G): 11 (9)
Undecided: 20 (27)

Pat Quinn is a bridge builder and has made a career of amassing support from regular Democrats, who are fiscal and social conservatives and the most numerous demographic in Illinois, but he has also played into the Progressive Cash Cows that require a Catholic politician to jettison his core beliefs for a few nickels.

SEIU, Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and Progressive coalitions that co-opt the LBBTQ voters, the radical University Policy think-tanks and Centers, the Socialists and the Communists own too many Democrats. This network has more money than the Vatican. It has wild influence with the Media and with transient,unmarried and very loud crowd. Taxpayers are Regular Democrats, Republicans and some Independents. The Greens are out there . . .way out there.

Pat Quinn's muscle and sinew could and should be the not Purple T-shirt crowd of public trough suckers, the real genuine Middle Class of Illinois - farmers, small-business people, cops, firefighters, skilled tradesmen and genuine property owners.

Last week, I wrote here,

Governor Pat Quinn should model his campaign after the will of the voters of Dan Lipinski's 2rd Congressional District, rather than to continue his unrequited love affair with Progressives. Pat Quinn already has Progressive knives in his ribs - just read Capitol Fax Blog and SEIU's Progress Illinois.

Stay with the folks, Governor. Retired Illinois Represenattive Kevin Joyce enjoyed
wild support, as does Senator Ed Maloney. These guys listened to people who vote and not Pie Chart Pirates like Ralph Martire or Policy Punks from every agenda.

Queer Centric Congressman Mike Quigley** can get away with that due to the fact that most of Illinois's homosexual community resides in his District and LGBTQ Activistas are thick in the Progressive Machine -not so Braidwood, Utica, Mendota, Cobden, or Macomb.

Progressives get good, smarmy and downright unctuous press, but that has a very short realistic shelf life. Ask Barack Obama. Turn to the helots, whom the Progressives always depend upon and then turn on. Skip the middle man. Send the Progressives to the Kiddie Table from whence they came - make sure that the megaphones are without batteries - Hey, it's a tough economy!

Tell the Progressives " Hey, thanks! Can get you a drink? Six Pack to Go?"

Do it before Labor Day, because Pat Quinn needs to start hitting the heavy bags.

Bill Brady scares the bejabbers out the Progressive Network, in much the same way that Sarah Palin does, because Brady is true to his core beliefs and instincts. I do not see Brady to be anywhere near as skilled a politician as Pat Quinn, but he is an honest and forthright man.

This could be the Billy Conn Joe Louis bout with Bill Brady as the Irish Tough Guy and Pat Quinn as the Brown Bomber, only if Pat Quinn gets wise to himself and his core beliefs.

If he really and truly believes that abortion is great, homosexual marriage a right and necessity, and tax-bleeding what government is all about as Ralph Martire, Quentin Young, and Planned Parenthood have always told him, he will go down without throwing a punch.

Raleigh, N.C. – As one of the ten least popular of the 27 governors PPP has polled this
year, Pat Quinn was already on shaky ground, down 34-30 to Bill Brady among
registered voters in June. But among likely voters, Quinn remains at 30% to Brady’s
39%, with Green Party candidate Rich Whitney also slightly increasing his share of the
vote, from 9% to 11%, with 20% still undecided.
Quinn is partly hurt by the presence of Whitney, who gets 10% of Democrats, helping to
hold Quinn at only 60% of his own party’s support, to Brady’s 80% of the GOP. But
Quinn’s job performance does him no favors with his own party. As in the Senate race,
Democrats are not moved by their nominee, with 24% of them undecided, to only 10% of
Republicans unsure of their vote. Whitney also gets more, 19%, of independents than
does Quinn at 15%. Brady has more unaffiliated support, at 40%, than Quinn and
Whitney combined.
Only 40% of Quinn’s party members approve of his job performance, but 81% of
Republicans and 60% of independents disapprove, giving him a dismal 23-53 overall
mark. Brady breaks even with independents, but is slightly more liked by Republicans
than disliked by Democrats, for an overall 25-30 favorability, down from 22-22 in June.
Both Quinn and Brady are more disliked by members of their own party than they are
liked by the opposite party.
“For all the talk of anti-Washington sentiment, governors are in many places the least
popular figures in the country, and Pat Quinn is no exception in Illinois,” said Dean
Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “But he still has more room to improve than
does Brady, who already has his party and independents locked up. As with Alexi
Giannoulias in the Senate race, if Quinn can get his base off the fence to support him and
then turn them out, he can eke out a victory in this blue state.”
PPP surveyed 576 likely Illinois voters from August 14th to 15th. The survey’s margin of
error is +/-4.1%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and weighting, may
introduce additional error that is more difficult to quantify.
If you would like an interview regarding this release, please contact Dean Debnam at
(888) 621-6988 or 919-880-4888.

In May of 1941 Billy Conn vacated the light heavyweight championship to fight Joe Louis for the heavyweight championship of the world.

Joe Louis wanted a June fight, and since Billy Conn looked to be the only possible opponent, the fight was scheduled for June 18, 1941.

Billy Conn fought Joe Louis in front of a crowd of 54,487 fans at the Polo Grounds in New York City in a fight that turned out to be one of the greatest heavyweight boxing fights of all time. The fight was Joe Louis’ eighteenth title defense and proved to be one of the toughest of his career. And for Conn, he was outweighed by more than 25 pounds and at a further disadvantage in height and reach.

This fight was one of the highest profiled sporting event of the era.. The same night this fight was taking place at The Polo Grounds, home of the baseball New York Giants; The Pittsburg Pirates were playing The Giants at Forbes Field in Pittsburg. When the fight started officials in Pittsburg stopped the baseball game for the fight to be broadcast over the public address system; when the fight was over the ball game resumed.

In his autobiography Joe Louis said, “I made a mistake going into that fight. I knew Conn was kinda small and I didn’t want them to say in the papers that I beat up on some little guy so the day before the fight I did a little roadwork to break a sweat and drank as little water as possible so I could weigh in under 200 pounds. Chappie was as mad as hell. But Conn was a clever fighter, he was like a mosquito, he’d sting and move.” Louis clearly under-estimated the great light heavyweight. Boxing historian Bert Sugar wrote of the fight, Conn carried into the ring, “His consummate boxing skill, his flashy left hand the center piece, (that) made him a lineal descendant of Gentleman Jim Corbett, the first of the great scientific boxers” also with a great defense, “Conn could block punches with his arms, elbows and gloves, and further nullify his opponents punches by ‘rolling’ with them” also having “Remarkable recuperative powers, having been knocked down only twice in his career and haven gotten up both times.”

For the better part of thirteen rounds, the beautiful jabbing, feinting, and maneuvering of Conn gave him the advantage in the fight. Louis did have his moments when he stunned Conn with a left hook in the 5th, cutting his eye and nose. By the 8th round dehydration set in on Louis and he began to tire badly. By the 12th round Louis was completely exhausted with Conn ahead on two of three boxing scorecards.

Then Billy got cocky and overconfident at the part of the fight when he knew he was winning on points. Conn decided to trade punches with the heavy hitting Louis, as the two were slugging it out Louis landed a powerful left hook to the jaw of Conn. He followed that up with an even harder right as Conn was almost ready to collapse. Billy had little left but courage as Louis battered his body with lefts and rights until the crushing right landed with only two seconds on the clock to end the thirteenth round. A finishing right from Louis’ TNT fist brought an abrupt end to the dazzling show. Overconfidence caused Billy Conn’s downfall in the fight.

Even losing the fight by a thirteenth round knockout Billy Conn came close to defeating The Brown Bomber.

The fight went down in the history of boxing as one of the ten greatest heavyweight fights of all time.

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