Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is Homiletics? Father Larry, Spit it out before you choke on it.

In Today's Sun Times commentary, evidence of the weak-sister priesthood that has infected my Church since the 1960's is laid out by one such clerical cupcake and presented below.

An Oak Park stiff-collar offers a thick tongue into his own cheek, Praise Jesus, in what might appear to be a satire - shades of Flecknoe here Father! Father Larry responds to hyper-feminist Catholic Carol Marin - our NBC/WTTW icon.

Carol Marin belongs to a closed-society of well educated, well-heeled Catholic women who rail against the Boys Club of the Catholic Church - Down with the Rock of Peter! Up with Barca Lounger of Pauline! Women must be priests! Why? Just because.

The nuns of whom Carol and gals speak are not the cloistered saints of the Poor Clares, but the badly dressed mannish sixty somethings driving Nissans from Hyde Park to their personal ministries - not teaching in schools, or mending the sick, but show-up jobs as community activists. Too many of these starchy women have done just a swell job of scaring off the faithful. One such local nitwit, Sister Quinn, worked to help abort babies and other was fired for advocating abortion.

I read Rev. Larry McNally's 'thought-piece' homily in the Chicago Sun Times six to seven times and can not yet make heads nor tails of it. It is as slick as mercury and should appeal to the Carol Marin crowd and yet not get the Cardinal to make a phone call to the swell rectory in Oak Park.

Here's a limp lollipop example of why Catholics have contempt for some Vatican II manicured priests:

Catholic Church 'street talk' not speaking to needs of nuns

August 10, 2010

Carol Marin's article "Church inquisition a warning to nuns" on July 25, is further evidence of the "Catholic Church street talk." And that street talk is saying that the Holy Spirit must be under lock and key in the basement of the Vatican.

How else can one explain that the Vatican would declare that on the same list, both ordination of women and pedophilia are grave sins? How else can one explain the inquisition of the religious women's lifestyle while the male hierarchy of our church allows Cardinal Law to live in the lap of luxury.?

How else can one explain that the male hierarchy of our church says we do not have enough money to care for the retirement needs of the women religious, who have dedicated their lives to the service of the Gospel (thank God for our generous, appreciative, ever-so-grateful laity who certainly do more than their part in the religious care), but then you come up with a million-plus to investigate the religious?

How else can you explain that the male hierarchy would tell the religious that they have to help pay for the costs of the investigation and then tell the women religious that the report will not be shared with them? The "Catholic Church street talk" is also saying that if the women of our church went on strike, our church would collapse. And this is so very true!

We ought to pay a king's ransom to free the desperate needed Holy Spirit.

Oops, I, like our male hierarchy, must have forgotten the King did pay the ransom by his death on the Cross.

The Rev. Larry McNally

Ascension Parish, Oak Park

"Street Talk?" This Nancy Boy Rectory Kitten would not know street if it were paved over him. Christ Almighty! Father Larry lays out asimpaticosupposition
of Carol's complaints and yet, yet . . . ever so sweetly, chides. Or does Father Larry? Hard to say, when the message is skewed so weakly.

Father Larry, what position do you take on the ordination of women? Real priests, liberal and conservative, like Father Mallette of St. Maragaret of Scotland, Father Gene Smith of St. Barnabas, Father Marty O'Donovan of Faith Hope and Charity, Father Bubbles McFarland of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Father Gallagher of Sacred Heart, or Father Tony Brankin of St. Odilo parishes speak like men. You know exactly what comes out of their mouths whether you like it not.

Is Father Larry for the Ordination of women? Is Father Larry Simpatico with feminist Pro Choice?

Spit it out, sister, before you choke on it. Man up.

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